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Reply To: Young People Post-COVID

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Hi Ellie,

It’s going to be a scary time for loads of people in the upcoming months – but you’re right, younger people are probably going to be affected more, as they’re more likely to have lost casual work, summer jobs, and not be able to make rent (especially students, too, who have no work, no studies, and can’t access benefits).

Saving is a massive part of protecting your future, but it’s so hard to do when you’re already on a reduced income. Marc’s already pointed you to the making money section, which has loads of tips! My biggest suggestion is to start now, rather than wait any longer. Things like online surveys only pay small amounts each time, but it quickly adds up – and as you’re furloughed, you’ve got more time than usual to spend on ways to make money online like this!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming savings series – but if anyone else has good ideas for how they plan to protect their finances in the coming months, tell us here!