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AvatarMarc Crosby

I live in the highlands of Scotland and I was totally shocked one evening to see my postcode IV12 4SS come up on the site with a huge red button CLAIM NOW on it…it was around 9pm and I was doing my usual daily checking – I shrieked so loudly my husband got a shock! I should only have received £10 but got £29 with all my bonus building! I know of two friends on the same site, one who shared a claim of £138 with a friend – or rather they got £138 each – and another friend who got £1009 on it as there should have been five winners, and nobody but her claimed! That is what I call a result. On another note, I actually have joined the paid for Postcode Lottery and its only £10 per ticket per month for daily draws and I have won a total of £80 on it since last October (2019) which I think is pretty good too! x have a go I say! x


That’s awesome Lisette – thanks for sharing!