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Reply To: Booking agent not giving flight refund

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I have just spoken to my friend Simon Calder, travel editor on the Independent, and he says this: “Many people are in exactly this position, wondering who is responsible for providing a refund – and when it might arrive.

It’s tough enough when the flight booking is direct with the airline. While the European air passengers’ rights rules require a refund within a week of the non-departure of the flight, almost all airlines are ignoring the law – assuming, probably correctly, that they won’t face sanctions from regulators.

Once an online travel agent is involved, it’s trickier still. Your contract is with Expedia, and it is regrettable, to put it mildly, that it is not offering to do the legwork (or phone work) for you. British Airways has made it tough for passengers to get refunds, removing the button for easy online refunds and insisting you call if you want your money back.

If you can afford to wait a while, that is what I would advise – the alternative is to spend more time and energy on organisations that are already overstretched. Personally, at this stage all  I would do is email Expedia to say that it owes the money and that you are expecting a full refund.

If the company appears to be dragging its feet, your options are limited – claiming through your credit-card firm may not work because there is no direct relationship with the airlines.

In future you might want to reconsider who you buy travel from. I think many of us will do that.”