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This is a complex one! And it all comes down to the interpretation of the word ‘expect’.

The Government says it doesn’t EXPECT public sector organisations to need to furlough – EXCEPT where those staff roles are not in existence due to the virus. Tutoring services, for example, that can’t be (or aren’t) done online – so you can’t do your job – means the school CAN apply to furlough you.

The scheme has also been extended to anyone on payroll on 19th March 2020 – that may not affect your position, but it’s worth knowing in case it helps!

They’ll use your average earnings from the last year (or February’s pay, whichever is higher) to work out the 80% figure.

Schools have been in a particular grey area on the furlough front – but they can definitely furlough any staff who can’t be reallocated or complete their role at the moment, especially if they intend to hire you after the lockdown ends (i.e., retain your job, which is what the Job Retention Scheme is all about!).

Good luck with this – I hope this info has helped!