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Reply To: Booking agent not giving flight refund

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Hi Jasmine

I’ve been following your advice and contacted Customer Services for Expedia – I got the following reply from their general customer service address:

“Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting us. This is an un-monitored email address, you will not receive a reply.

Need to amend your travel plans? To allow us to support customers with imminent travel needs, we are asking those with less immediate trips to check our self-service tools, a much faster way to receive assistance on your booking. Please check out Travel Alerts and Contact Us on our website.”

Quite amazing isn’t it!? I will pursue with the CEO as you suggested. Though I suspect I’ll have problme finding thier contact details.

Expedia are still telling me it’s the software system they used to book my flight (called NDC) that prevents them from issuing a refund. I eventually spoke to a BA advisor who said she’d ‘never heard of it’. She also couldn’t help me but offered some good advice that echoes that of Simon. Ie I could try my credit card company.

They were quite helpful but are aksing for email trails between me, BA and Expedia. Of course my conversations have been on the phone. But they seemed fairly sure they would refund my money and chase Expedia/BA for payment.

So, not quite there yet! But feeling more positive! Thanks again for your help. Gill