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Reply To: Lockdown – too soon or too slow

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personally I think lockdown happened too late, and here in scotand we are still in lockdown as its too soon to go back to no lockdown.

I thought since the pm had the experience of near death himself with it that he would be more sensible, take things more cautious, and be more open. don’t get me wrong im not a fan, but I feel for him haven had to go through that. iv experienced near death like that many times so I know how it feels. I just thought maybe it would of made him better and think more of the peoples lives than money.

I think personally there will be at least a second wave, more deadly than the first. and we have to be cautious at every step. its sad so many thousands have lost their lives, and so many have been affected mentally by it wether someone close to them had it and survived or sadly didn’t survive, or they themselves had it, or even just mentally from the lockdown.

things yeah do have to slowly get back to what is now going to be  a new normal, etting the most essential places up n running again, trying to get  money flowing as much as possible, but has to be done in small precise stages, very cautiously.

I hope everyone and their familes are ok , keep safe, we will get through this together. and to anyone who is an essential keyworker such as nhs, emergency services, care workers, supermarket staff and all the others I cant name, thank you so much for helping to save our lives, keeping us going and just for being you and being so selfless to put yourself in the danger for us. take care