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This sounds bad Claire. Which one do you bank with? If you let me know I’ll get their PR people to speak to you

Or another thing to do would be to email the CEO of the bank (copying-in customer service) and asking them to sort it. Seriously. There’s nothing to stop you doing that. Usually if you email the CEO something gets done.

Also, are there any banks that are open in your town and do have disability access? If so, switch to them. This is something I’m always saying, of course, because we can switch now and it’s pretty easy. You just pick a bank you want to switch to and they have to do everything for you in seven days. Then it’s up to them to watch that they don’t lose any of your money over the next 13 months. Why put up with bad service and closed bank branches if you don’t have to?

Let us know what happens 🙂