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Hi Claire, Oh my goodness, what a position they’ve put you in! As Jasmine suggested, if you can switch to an accessible bank, that’s always an option. Do you have a smartphone? Most banks have a banking app now, with instant chat available. I’ve got both Natwest and Moneybox, and have found their live chat features really useful. If they can’t reply right away, you get a notification text when they have managed to get around to your query. The Natwest one is a little bit annoying as you have to go through the AI bot for a few questions first, but if you type in something like ‘speak to customer service’ it usually cuts to the live chat. It may also be worth considering – if it’s financially suitable to do so – adding your mum to your accounts if you can. That way, she can go to the bank on your behalf or call up as a joint account holder and manage the account for you. Let us know how you get on – and, as Jasmine mentioned, if we can reach out to your bank on your behalf.

no I don’t have a smartphone, I cant see to use them. I can only see to use a laptop. even then its pretty hard.

ive never heard of moneybox I will google that to learn about it:)

mam is on my bank account but shes not got ….whats it called ….power of attorney so its bit hard. I don’t know if the rules are different in different parts of the uk. she can take money out of my account for me via the cash machine but she cant put in or take out in person. which I find weird. I mean she dose always have id on her.

shes in lockdown with me, so cant go out for now till its safe (im in Scotland), but when its safe I know she will go out to bank for me. my brother who is a key worker, does pick money up for me once a month via the cash machine, but can only take some one small amount per day. (£250 max)

mams like me she dosent understand banking either, dad did everything for us from the moment they got married (about 37years) mam don’t know how to work a computer let alone apps.  and I cant see too well, she uses a kindle but I cant see to use it. its a laptop I use.