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Reply To: How are you saving during lockdown?

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im not sure im saving, I feel like im getting in debt…. as my brother dose the food shop for us, he has a list to go by. and not having cash in the house I have no way of paying him. so I must owe loads by now. I think I used to be about nearly 70-100 per shop twice a week when I did go out. lets me think deeply about what im not spending on……..

im saving on lots of meals out, as I used to go out twice a week with carers.

saving lots on fuel too when I think of it as no one is using the car.

saving lots on food as were struggling to get food. and since im not the one in the shop impulse buys are not happening when I see something I think oh I wanna try that.

saving lots on impulse buys as well, as not going out not spending the same.

saving lots on treats for people too, since im not out I don’t see things n get them.

wow im saving on far more than I realised .for now the money is just sitting in my bank, doing nothing. im trying not to buy online these days unless its something I need. spend less time on places like ebay amazon etsy. once I start my bipolar ocd takes over and before you know it im skint again. to be fair I do tend to justify it as most things I buy are for other people, but dosent change the fact im spending just makes it a nicer reason for it.

does anyone else justify their spending this way?