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I don’t know where the search feature is specifically for the message boards or articles.

when I use thingy at top right bunch of lines it takes me into a part menu, which has a search. when I use it it dosent exactly do what I expect it to do. I gives me abunch of things to chose from to read, but none in the heading have my key word I searched for, nothing seems relevant. and have to trawl through everything anyways to find what I want,

would be good if there was an easy simple result of what we actually want.

and would be helpful if articles that come up as suggestions tell you the date before you open it to find the article is years old when you want the most up to date.

just some of us are not very techy and don’t know the ins n outs of how everything works. and seem to be finding certain things more hard to find or work out how to use.

thanks for this thread, its very helpful to have somewhere for questions, suggestions and to see what others ideas are to help us all

your doing a smashing job, its such a great site, great opportunities, great informations, a great forum, great place to learn. forever grateful to this site:)