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Reply To: was Dominic Cummings right to do what he did

Home Messageboards Work and HR Forum was Dominic Cummings right to do what he did Reply To: was Dominic Cummings right to do what he did


its terrible what he did, like everyone else we have sacrificed everything, he is taking liberties that we the public don’t have.

im terminally ill so no one not even my carers have been allowed into me, im holding on by a thread, with my terrible mental state and loneliness. things were bad with my house before this now worse, and no way of help. iv given up medical attention ive needed to try keep me and everyone safe. I haven’t seen my dying aunty because of this either, neither has my dad its his sister. my brother isn’t even allowed to visit or make me food.

he is breaking the rules, which means since no punishment people will follow, they wont care they wont listen to the rules. and we will be at square one or worse. whats more important , life, keeping as many with life as possible.

anyone else would of been fined or jailed if it had been public folks like us. but as usual the famous and rich get away with everything. its so stupid we should all be treated the same.

theres pregnant women feeling ill looking after many children on their own right now, surely he can muster looking after 1 kid. instead of endangering everyones lives. surely if hes that sick that he cant look after the kid, he cant travel, and a neighbour would of looked after the kid. iv been at deaths door and looked after kids that aren’t mine till their family came back 3 weeks later, If I can do it he can do it.