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I read yesterday that police are talking about checking people’s supermarket trolleys? Surely this can’t be allowed?! How on earth can anyone decide what is an ‘essential’ item from a supermarket? It’s got me really anxious

ok im nervous now too, because we all view essentials differently to ours needs. I don’t think they can legally do this. I hope not. its an invasion of privacy n human rights. I mean what we need every day is different.

an essential for me is diferent to an essential for babies and children, but sometimes the same. like I don’t have kids but use baby wipes every day, I find that an essential item, just as much as I find coca cola an essential item to me as its one of 3 things I can drink. I have food n fluid restrictions and some are because of medication, so I have to watch I take. how are they going to know that its essential for me to get 5 bottles of cola and that the chap in line doesn’t drink it bit buys it because theres only 5 left? how do they decide who gets it?

what do they consider as an essential item? how do they know I have 10 kids and a husband to feed so I need say 3 roasts of the same kind to feed them all at once and im not just storing them? are we getting quizzed by them? how do we prove it? I know it sounds silly but that’s the questions going through my mind.

I can see if they do this fights will break out. and possible more people will turn to online so they don’t have the hassel. therefore taking up the slots us vulnerable/shielding folk need. people do go mad at the best of times, but in crisis they go more overboard.  so I guess I understand why they might want to do something to prevent the toilet paper crisis again. but they need to think sensible n logical about it and make it clear what is and what isn’t ok.