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While I like the convenience of things like tap and pay, I’m a big advocate for cash in the majority of instances. I like to be able to see how much money I’m physically spending, and when I was hugely in debt about ten years ago I used cash envelopes to budget for bills each month. It really helped stop me applying for credit and learn to live within my means!

Getting rid of cash altogether alienates many people, so I’m hoping it won’t happen. However, an argument I had with the grocery shop cashier suggests shops will try to push it. (Argument: cashier told me to pay by card, even though I had the cash in my hand. Insisted I had to pay by card because cash wasn’t safe to handle – I said I had no card that could be used and he could either accept my cash or put everything back on the shelves. It was my Big Shop. He chose to take the cash – proving that they DO take cash, but try to push card payments wherever possible!).