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Reply To: Is this Disney article still relevant?

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Very good question, Paul. As the original writer of that article, I think it’s definitely tougher now. However, I do think anything that is specifically a collectors or limited edition (e.g. Diamond Edition, 3D etc.) still might be sought after. Plus with some big streaming sites removing quite a lot of content, I do think physical copies might come back into vogue eventually. I think Disney is probably one of the more stable streaming sites and less likely to remove content, but I also know there’s a big demand for some of their exclusives (e.g. The Mandolorian) to get a physical release – if that ever happens, it might open up new opportunities. Oh and Andre, I got to say, you can never be too old for Disney. In fact, I’ve got a Disney Paris trip booked for January to help fight the January blues!


Thanks Marc. Still might be able to get a few quid then!