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Very good question. Actually I was just looking at a couple of ticket sites that are especially for charity workers or people who are referred through a charity. There is The Ticket Bank https://www.theticketbank.org/about which seems to be only just starting but they are connected to Tickets for Good https://ticketsforgood.org/ which seems to be mainly NHS. And another one just in London https://www.timeout.com/london/news/londons-new-ticket-bank-will-give-away-1-000-free-theatre-tickets-a-week-121422 – see the article here about it.

There’s also this website https://www.charityworkerdiscounts.com/ which has special offers for charity workers.

I know that our content editor, Vicky, is on top of this, though, so look out on the site for a whole article of good ideas for special offers for heroes like you!