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    My advice is to enter more local competitions. Your chances of winning are higher as you are up against less entrants.   I won a lovely meal for 2 at a local hotel.  I also know people who’ve won comps in local papers/newsletters etc.  It’s definitely worth a go.

    Good luck. Xx

    AvatarMarc Crosby

    Good idea Sarah, that’s a very good point!


    I would suggest that you look on community centre noticeboards, in the local small circulation newspapers and also on supermarket notice boards. You can win raffles and tombolas at local fetes and jumble sales and boot sales. Very good advice Sarah! I used to win lots and lots regularly from local newspaper competitions, including a Dolby Dinner set, a £20 Lidl Voucher, a £100 book voucher for a local bookshop.  Also, local festivals often have little competitions, so where I live in Nairn, we have a regular literary and arts festival and they run an open poetry and short story competition and whilst I have not been lucky enough to win, I received a special commendation one year! I have also won a local limerick competition which was set up to highlight the benefits of ageing! I got a £15 book token! Whilst these days there are not as many local comps, you can find them if you really look! Good luck!! x


    Some local postcode based forums are running raffles to help small businesses. Just type your postcode or area and forum.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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