Top Discounts for Family Activities This Summer

Reading Time: 6 mins Throughout lockdown, many of us have struggled with a lack of entertainment and boredom. We quickly ran out of family activities to do when everyone was bored and stuck at home. Now, as summer returns, so does a bit more of our freedom and there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. Whether you want … read more

What Is a Tax Wrapper?

Reading Time: 5 mins When it comes to investing there are a lot of aspects you can’t control – but fortunately, tax wrappers are there to help you. There are several different types of tax wrappers to choose from. Each individual tax wrapper has certain characteristics that make it more, or less suitable for certain types of investments. Spreading … read more

Is Flexible Retirement a Good Idea?

Reading Time: 5 mins Flexible retirement is an increasingly popular and viable option for people to ease into retirement. For many, retirement is a big step both financially and socially, so taking time to adjust to the changes is a big help. Flexible retirement needs careful thought and time to plan, but ultimately has the potential to create a … read more

Make Money Hosting Foreign Students

Reading Time: 6 mins It’s always nice to have some new faces in your life. Have you ever thought about hosting a foreign exchange student? You probably should, having a student, or even a university lecturer in your home can be a really rewarding experience for everyone involved! Also, there are ways you can make even more money with … read more

Who Owns Who? Protecting Your Money Under FSCS Rules

Reading Time: 7 mins Protecting your finances is crucially important. Especially when we’ve seen in the past two decades how quickly circumstances can change and how damaging it can be. While there are FSCS rules in place to help protect people, there are limitations to how much claimants are eligible to, and certain criteria have to be met. Make … read more

Where to Find Free Debt Advice

Reading Time: 4 mins Debt charities have seen a huge spike in people seeking help in the last few months. Free debt advice is in high demand as more people face redundancy and financial difficulties due to the pandemic. So, when should you seek debt advice? And where can you find it? When to seek debt advice The face … read more

How to Get Work as a Mechanic

Reading Time: 4 mins Choosing to learn a trade or a specific skill set is always recommended as no matter what state the economy is in, certain industries will always need workers, and mechanics and auto repairs is one of them. Your chances of always finding work are high but also once you are fully qualified you have skills … read more

The Best Reward Credit Cards in 2020

Reading Time: 5 mins We love products and services that make your money work for you. In particular, reward credit cards are great for this as whether you’re using your card for your day-to-day spending or to make a big purchase, all the points add up to a reward. The points you earn with these credit cards can be … read more

What Is a Taxable Grant?

Reading Time: 6 mins Have you been paid a taxable grant? Maybe you’re eligible for one and don’t know it yet. How do you know any grants are taxable? The outset of the coronavirus pandemic has seen a massive increase in the number of taxable grants available to self-employed individuals and businesses. Providing much needed support during this time … read more

Useful Resources for Freelancers of All Experience Levels

Reading Time: 8 mins More people than ever are turning their hand to freelancing and self-employment. However, running a freelance business takes a lot of effort! We’ve compiled these resources for freelancers to help. Most of them are free – or very cheap – and all will help you run a smooth business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a … read more

15 Frugal Living Tips to Save £5000 a Year

Reading Time: 9 mins Frugal living tips sound like a lot of sacrifice needs to be made. It’s not true! But it could be very necessary. As a nation we overspend massively and often beyond our budgets. More than a third of all Brits spent more than they received in income in April 2019. Continuing spending habits like this … read more

Pensions for the Self-Employed Explained

Reading Time: 7 mins When you’re on a fluctuating income – and already have to save 30% for taxes – a pension is the last thing on the list. However, pensions for the self-employed are vital for future financial security. Here’s how to set up a pension for the self-employed, and how to make sure you’re contributing regularly! When … read more

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