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Should you get boiler insurance?

20th May 2019

Boiler insurance is one of those things you always intend to get round to, but can never be bothered to actually sort out. But it’s just when your boiler breaks down, in the freezing cold, that you wish you had it. Boiler repair services don’t come cheap but then boiler insurance can cost a lot…

How to successfully buy a pre-owned car

11th Apr 2019

If you are thinking about buying a second-hand car, you may well be able to find a brilliant deal and vehicle which will last for years. The market for used cars in the UK is astronomical, allowing people to get the car of their dreams for a fraction of the price when compared to buying…

Easter Eggs Tried and Tested – 2019

7th Apr 2019

Want to know the best value, most beautiful looking Easter eggs this year? We used our chocolate eating eggs-pertise to find you the very best chocolatey treats on offer! We tested a host of yummy chocolate eggs for you again…it’s a tough job…so that you can snap up the tastiest Easter treats, at the very…

How to get the best value car insurance: Our comprehensive guide

19th Mar 2019

Yes, car insurance can cost a fortune, but if you’re savvy you can get some truly mind-blowing deals. We’ve created this guide which will show you what to look out for when getting your vehicle insured. For advice on getting car insurance specifically as a young driver or if you’ve ever been banned from driving…

Smart spending: how to avoid false economies

19th Mar 2019

You know what it’s like when you’re trying to do smart spending, saving money here and there, but you find that some of your decisions have meant you’ve made false economies? Maybe you’ve gone for a cheap iron and found that it just didn’t do the job properly. Or you bought a cheap air ticket…

What to do at university to help prepare for a career

7th Mar 2019

There are two sides to your life at university – there’s the side where you’re exploring life away from home, and getting used to the idea of independence. Then there’s the small matter of your future! Many attend uni in order to gain skills for better employment, namely a career. Some know what they want…

5 perfect jobs for Narcissists

4th Mar 2019

Self-important, loves attention, hates criticism, demanding, arrogant and sneakily manipulative. Sound like someone you know? Well, chances are they’re a narcissist. And even though they might think it’s beneath them, most narcissists also have to work… like the rest of us. Let’s take a closer look at the behaviour of narcissists and which types of…

Sell Bottled Oxygen for £300,000

20th Feb 2019

Ever heard of HushHush? It’s a website often called the Amazon for millionaires. You can find the most expensive items in the world on there with just a click of your mouse. And guess what one of those items is? That’s right, you’re breathing it in right now. HushHush is now selling bottled oxygen! And…

A look into the strange world of matched betting

31st Jan 2019

What is this eBook about? Well, matched betting guides have been done to death. If you want to know the basics about matched betting then we recommend checking out the step-by-step guide currently available on MoneyMagpie here. This eBook looks at some of the less talked about subjects surrounding matched betting from a beginner’s perspective…

How to increase the value of a home for less than £100

4th Jan 2019

If you are thinking about selling you home, or you are already in the process of moving, you’ll want to get as much money as possible from a buyer which means increasing the value of your home should be a priority. But finding the money to make major upgrades can be difficult to come by,…

Low cost warm weather getaways for winter

4th Jan 2019

You know those annoying people who pop up whenever it gets cold? “Too cold is better than too hot! Because layers!” Nope. You know they’re only deluding themselves. The only real way to thaw is a few days of pure, unadulterated sun… except this is the UK.   So what’s the solution? It’s time for a…

Research reveals which language can earn you £50k+!

11th Dec 2018

A new study has revealed that speaking a second language is likely to earn you a salary of £50,000+. City Lit conducted the research and found that speaking a second language can significantly boost the chances of somebody living in the UK of earning over £50k. It was also revealed which languages were the most…