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How To Save Cash with Yellow Label O’Clock

12th Nov 2018

Get the low down on top supermarket’s reductions and how to snap them up! Alice at Magic Freebies has created a go-to guide for how to shop at Yellow Label O’Clock. With so many huge supermarket names on the scene who all claim to offer the best deals, it can be hard to know which…

Broadband and TV packages: Winter offers

12th Nov 2018

Broadband is one of the essentials for modern day life and the UN even considers internet connection as a basic human right. We need it for education, work, entertainment and everything in between, so it’s important that you take advantage of Christmas offers to find the perfect broadband and TV packages for you at the best…

Getting your home ready for the winter

7th Nov 2018

Now that the clocks have gone back and it’s pitch black by 17:30, it’s safe to say that winter has arrived. The colder conditions are difficult to deal with for a number of reasons and it can be one of the hardest times of the year for people. However, there are things that you can…

Matched betting: A tax free source of income

5th Nov 2018

Would you like an extra tax-free cash injection of around £1,000 a month? Would you like to beat the bookmakers? Would you like to do all of this legally, with no risk attached? Of course you would! You could be making £1,000 extra per month! For some people this is a life-changing amount to have…

Brexit, what happens when you go abroad

21st Sep 2018

Brexit is supposed to happen on March 29th 2019 but so far we have no deal with the EU about how we are going to leave. If a deal is struck (and that’s not definite by any means at this stage) then both sides have agreed on a 21-month “transition” period that will start after the…

Watch out for ‘fake bosses’

7th Sep 2018

When you get an email telling you that you are entitled to thousands of pounds worth of compensation for an accident that has never happened to you, its fair to say that you’ve been targeted by a scam. Yet even though most are easy to spot, sometimes scams come in unassuming shapes and disguises. Impersonation…

Free Sample of Always Dailies

25th Jul 2018

Ladies, now’s your chance to claim a FREE pack of ALWAYS DAILIES Singles To Go Pantyliners! These pantyliners are discreet enough to wear every day, allowing you to live your life to the fullest. Feel confident with every step!   About Always Dailies No matter where life takes you, ALWAYS DAILIES Singles To Go Pantyliners will keep…

If your PPI claim was rejected, you might be in luck – claims are being reconsidered

9th Jul 2018

So far banks have paid out over £30 billion in compensation for PPI cases. And it looks like that number is going to skyrocket. If you’re still a bit confused by all this PPI business, check out our article on the topic where we give you a nice overview. Basically, many people aren’t aware that…

Turn your litter into cash for service station snacks

25th Jun 2018

Service stations are not the most exciting of places to hang out, but we all end up there now and then. The good thing is that now you can turn your visit into a productive experience. Cash in on your litter From the 21st of June 2018, for the first time ever in the UK,…

FREE Vegan Cook Book

29th May 2018

The Minimalist Vegan are giving away free digital copies of their vegan cook book! Veganism may not be the lifestyle change you want to make right now (or ever) but that doesn’t mean you can’t cook yourself the occasional vegan meal and it’s sure to be a hit with vegetarian and vegan friends.   WHAT’S…

4 Simple Ways To Turn Your House Into A Goldmine

22nd Mar 2018

We live in a time where we are time poor, cash poor and – well, poor. Many are being hit by cuts to salaries and freezes on bonuses while the bills and grocery costs are shooting up. There is less of a balance now than there ever has been between earnings and outgoings, yet the…

9 consumer rights myths debunked

21st Mar 2018

Apart from the promise of warmer weather and longer days, the change of season brings another great delight: sales shopping! Unfortunately, bargain-hunting Brits could be left out of pocket in the seasonal sales due to common consumer rights myths. Need an example? The mistaken belief that shops have to sell goods at the displayed price…