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Have you been mis-sold life insurance? You could be owed THOUSANDS

30th May 2023

Have you ever cancelled a life insurance policy because the monthly premiums increased unexpectedly? If so, you could be owed tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation. This is because you may have been the victim of mis-sold life insurance.  Have I got a claim?  In recent months, it has come to…

Life insurance: how to protect your family

25th Jun 2020

If you have a family, or anyone else who depends on you, life insurance is crucial. Life insurance promises (in an insurance kind of a way – i.e. with conditions) that if you die, a sizeable chunk of change will be given to your family. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing…

10 ways to avoid being ripped off by life insurance

9th Feb 2020

Life insurance is essential for many of us. If you have loved ones who would struggle to cope financially in the event of your death then it’s a necessary purchase. But it’s essential to make sure you’re not ripped off by life insurance companies when doing so. We don’t want to get too morbid, but…

Stop Paying So Much!! How to Get All the Best Insurance Deals

5th Feb 2024

Last week I had to renew my Car Insurance and, even with a 20-year no-claims-bonus and a spotless record, it had increased (like everything in life at the moment). Instead of allowing it to automatically renew for the additional cost, I cancelled the policy completely and went and used Rightly. I saved over £100. Up…

Stop! Don’t buy that insurance policy. You might be covered already…for free

23rd May 2023

Could you have insurance policies you don’t know about? Keeping track of savings, investments and insurance policies is getting increasingly difficult thanks to digitalisation and companies going “paperless”.  The big financial institutions are holding billions of pounds in old accounts that customers have forgotten about. This is especially true of banks, building societies and pension…

Accident insurance – what you should know

10th May 2023

The very thought of dying  or being seriously injured and leaving your loved ones to bear the financial burden is enough to make anyone think about getting accident insurance. But whilst accident insurance may sound similar to critical illness insurance, it is in fact a completely different kettle of fish.

All you need to know about Insurance

26th Apr 2023

Insurance is one of those financial products that everyone has heard of, but perhaps not everyone fully understands. How do you know if you need insurance? Which types of insurance are a necessity, which are optional and which aren’t really needed at all? In this “All you need to know” guide, we explain the basics…

Little Birdie: Subscriptions managed, money saved, life simplified

23rd Jan 2023

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Little Birdie. A new year is upon us, with many of us making resolutions we hope to stick to for the coming 12 months and beyond. Resolutions range from doing more exercise to being better with money. If your resolution revolves around saving money, then we have…

Van Life: Is This the New Cost Efficient Living?

13th Jul 2022

What is van life? We must all at some point have questioned the wisdom of living in a house, taking into account the cost of rentals and mortgages, and wondered if there was a better and perhaps cheaper way to live.   For Marta Zaforteza, originally from Spain, that solution came while fixing up a…

Computer insurance: do you need it?

10th Jul 2021

PCs can be expensive so with like any new gadget you buy, you’re probably going to be offered computer insurance when you get to the till. You might be tempted to get the insurance there and then but don’t be fooled. On average electrical retailers are known to charge their customers three to four times…

What Do Big Life Events REALLY Cost?

11th May 2021

We all know big life events can wipe out our savings – but if you know what they’ll actually cost, it’s much easier to create a plan to save up for them instead. Rather than being taken aback at each life stage, here’s how to be prepared! University First Rented Home First Home (Owner) Owning…

How to Boost Savings At Every Stage of Your Life

14th Apr 2021

Saving can be tough when times are hard – and it feels like times are always hard, these days! However, having a plan for a savings safety net is the best way to make sure you’ve got a little extra to fall back on when you need it. We’ve come up with ways to save…