Tips for starting a business

Reading Time: 5 mins Are you thinking of going self employed? If so then follow our tips for starting a business below. Courtesy of Victoria Atherstone, Founder & CEO of Love2scoot Ltd. She’s still developing her business but she has learned a lot in the process! Here are her top tips for starting a business: Tip One: Don’t run … read more

51 ways to save money in your home

Reading Time: 20 mins We could all do with cutting our household expenditure, so we’ve come up with 50 easy ways you can save money in your home. Starting with these tiny changes to everyday life, you will notice a difference. Start by having a go at just half of them and you’re bound to save a healthy amount! … read more

About Us

  Hellooo! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 We’re the MoneyMagpies (do you like our pictures above??).   Meet the team Jasmine Birtles – Founder & director  Founder and director of MoneyMagpie, Jasmine is a TV financial expert, presenter, author of 38 books, comedian and the Daily Mail’s ‘Miss Moneysaver’ columnist. She runs three companies, lives … read more

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