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Accident insurance – what you should know

10th May 2023

The very thought of dying  or being seriously injured and leaving your loved ones to bear the financial burden is enough to make anyone think about getting accident insurance. But whilst accident insurance may sound similar to critical illness insurance, it is in fact a completely different kettle of fish.

Private medical insurance: how to choose PMI

10th May 2023

Private medical insurance (PMI) is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. With all the controversy about funding and long waiting lists in NHS hospitals, it’s not surprising that people are turning to private medical insurance to cover themselves. Here’s a guide to the different types of medical insurance, what they cost and what you can…

All you need to know about Insurance

26th Apr 2023

Insurance is one of those financial products that everyone has heard of, but perhaps not everyone fully understands. How do you know if you need insurance? Which types of insurance are a necessity, which are optional and which aren’t really needed at all? In this “All you need to know” guide, we explain the basics…

Realistic ways to make money from your car

11th Jan 2023

Running a car can be expensive, but did you know you can make money from your car? You can make money renting out your driveway, but what about the vehicle which sits upon it? There are lots of fun ways you can make money with your car. From becoming a driving instructor, selling a rare…

Does your travel insurance cover airline strikes?

25th Jul 2022

After all the air strikes last summer, we often get asked – does your travel insurance cover airline strikes? Recently, it emerged around 40% of travel insurers do not cover airline strikes. In fact, most types of strike – whether it be train or plane are not covered by a huge number of insurance providers….

How to sell your car easily

12th Jul 2022

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Motorway With so many options these days, it can be tricky to know the best way to sell your car – should you go with classified websites, local dealerships, part-exchange or online car dealers? It can feel pretty daunting – and many motorists have admitted that they have taken…

Is Pet Insurance Really Worth the Money?

20th Jun 2022

Pet Insurance Disclaimer: I have been paid by Petsure for my review in this post, but these views are my own. I think it’s fair to say that I love my little dog more than I love most people, so is pet insurance a necessity?. I got him at a time my health was bad,…

Make and save money with a caravan

3rd May 2022

Caravan holidays offer a huge range of benefits. If you’ve ever used a caravan or mobile home, you will be aware of the enjoyment they can bring. They’re undoubtedly more comfortable than a tent or shared hostel and far less restrictive than a hotel room or rented holiday home. Plus, campervan/caravan holidays are all the rage…

Changes in Motor Insurance Laws to Protect Consumers

30th Dec 2021

Home and motor insurance costs are coming under new laws from 1 January to protect consumers.

How To Have A Cheap Caravan Holiday

7th Aug 2021

A caravan holiday is a great way to spend less on your holiday and is an easy option for those who need a fun and hassle-free getaway. Children love caravans too, so it’s an excellent choice for families. Why a caravan holiday? Where to begin and how much it will cost Buying your own caravan…

Computer insurance: do you need it?

10th Jul 2021

PCs can be expensive so with like any new gadget you buy, you’re probably going to be offered computer insurance when you get to the till. You might be tempted to get the insurance there and then but don’t be fooled. On average electrical retailers are known to charge their customers three to four times…

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Caravan?

23rd Apr 2021

    Caravan popularity has risen since the pandemic. It’s no surprise why: making the decision to buy a caravan now is a great way to start your journey in exploring the good old British Isles.  Benefits of Buying a Caravan Tips on Buying a Caravan Travelling with Your Caravan or Motorhome Benefits of buying…