Top Ten Summer Jobs 2022 Edition

Reading Time: 13 mins The sun is blazing and the summer holidays are just around the corner. For many people the summer brings with it the need to pick up summer jobs. Whether it’s to gather some much-needed holiday pennies, to fill a gap between other work or just to do something different during this most sunny of seasons. … read more

Consumer Spending changes as the Cost-of-living squeeze continues

Reading Time: 5 mins Analysis of consumer spending has shown that Brits are cutting-back on subscriptions and dining out and instead spending on essential items, such as groceries and transport. The latter spending  rose by  4.8 per cent, propped up by inflation and a surge in fuel prices Average spending on utilities per customer grew 34.5 per cent, with … read more

How can I invest if my disabilities and benefits prevent me from working?

Reading Time: 8 mins We had an email from a MoneyMagpie reader last week saying that he had a few years to go before the state pension kicked in but that his disabilities, and the fact that he’s on benefits, prevent him from earning money. Understandably he asked what could he do to create enough of a nest egg … read more

All the Major Financial Changes for April 2022

Reading Time: 5 mins With the end of the tax year looming, we take a look at all of the financial changes happening in April 2022. Although we have previously touched upon these here. We are rounding up everything you need to know to move forward. As we have reported over the last year, from this April (2022), consumers … read more

Chancellor’s “Damp Squib” of a Spring Statement Revealed

Reading Time: 3 mins Following on from Boris Johnson’s rather inconclusive and unhelpful Prime Minister Questions – where Boris often placed his value in humour, as opposed to truth or action – the whole county waited with bated breath to see if Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement is set to offer aid in the current economic crisis. With inflation and … read more

The groups working hard to fight food waste

Reading Time: 6 mins It’s zero waste week! In February, we launched a campaign with our founder and personal finance expert Jasmine Birtles to legalise Freeganism in the UK. You can sign our petition and help fight food waste here. Freeganism is defined as: “An alternative philosophy for living, based on minimum participation in capitalism and conventional economic practices, … read more

Mystery shopping: Become a mystery shopper and get paid to shop and eat out

Reading Time: 8 mins Become a mystery shopper and get FREE meals in restaurants, FREE stays in hotels and FREE drinks in bars. Many mystery shopping companies will provide you with different assignments depending on who their clients are. We show you here how to get mystery shopping jobs and bag lots of freebies as a mystery shopper. What … read more

Frances Coppola discusses a remarkable recession

Reading Time: 6 mins After over a year-and-a-half of chaos, it’s little wonder there are so many views on where the economy might be headed. A few weeks ago we ran our interview with Jennifer Arcuri, Boris Johnson’s former mistress, who gave some pretty scary predictions which you can read here.   This week we’ve got the view of respected … read more

Industries in desperate need of workers

Reading Time: 6 mins Between Brexit and the pandemic, certain industries have lost hundreds of workers. Whether people left the UK as a result of the decision to leave the EU or they are having to isolate, there is a serious staff shortage in certain sectors. In May 2021, job vacancies reached their highest level since before the pandemic. … read more

Make money running your own B&B

Reading Time: 11 mins Fancy working from home running your own B&B? Why wouldn’t you?! It could be a great way to make money, meet people, and create a profitable business. There’s a lot to think about too, though. If you’ve never considered turning your spare bedrooms into a guest house, have a think about these questions first: Is … read more

The Fresher Finance Guide

Reading Time: 8 mins If you’re about to start university, your upcoming experience might not be exactly as you’d originally planned. A socially distant (or even virtual) freshers’ week is hardly what we signed up for, is it?  Some things never change when it comes to student life, though. One of those things is money: needing it, spending it, … read more

Things to Cheer You Up in 2020

Reading Time: 5 mins It’s probably safe to say that for most of us 2020 isn’t exactly going as expected. No one could have foreseen spending 3 months at home and putting on hold all of our plans! The good news is there’s plenty to cheer you up, from free stuff to having more time on your hands. Keep … read more

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