Do you need income protection insurance?

Reading Time: 5 mins For many people, it definitely pays to take out income protection insurance and protect their salary. Ask yourself the simple question: how would you manage if you found you couldn’t work for several months through injury or illness? Most of us would be reliant on the generosity of our employer (who is not obliged to … read more

What is National Insurance?

Reading Time: 3 mins Have you ever wondered exactly what is National Insurance and why you have to pay for it? We reveal all in our essential guide… What is National Insurance? National Insurance rates What does National Insurance pay for? Why National Insurance is important?   What is National Insurance? National Insurance – much as governments like to … read more

Best pet insurance deals

Reading Time: 9 mins Pet insurance is absolutely essential if you own a cat or dog. Vet bills can be seriously expensive and without pet insurance it’ll be up to you to foot the bill. At the moment a number of the big pet insurance companies are offering impressive online discounts. From less than £4 a month you can relax knowing that … read more

Computer insurance: do you need it?

Reading Time: 5 mins PCs can be expensive so with like any new gadget you buy, you’re probably going to be offered computer insurance when you get to the till. You might be tempted to get the insurance there and then but don’t be fooled. On average electrical retailers are known to charge their customers three to four times … read more

Accident insurance – what you should know

Reading Time: 4 mins The very thought of dying  or being seriously injured and leaving your loved ones to bear the financial burden is enough to make anyone think about getting accident insurance. But whilst accident insurance may sound similar to critical illness insurance, it is in fact a completely different kettle of fish.

Cheaper travel insurance for over 65s

Reading Time: 5 mins Travel insurance for over 65s is hard enough to get and if you suffer from pre-existing medical conditions it can be almost impossible. However, we’ve found out how to get pensioners travel insurance even with pre-existing medical conditions.

Make money watching television

Reading Time: 10 mins We know what you’re thinking – can you REALLY make money watching television? Well yes, you can! OK, you might have to do a bit more than just watch, but there are plenty of ways to turn your relaxing pastime into a money-making opportunity. Find out how you can make money watching TV.

Make Money from donating your Sperm

Reading Time: 4 mins Some see it as recreation but actually you can make a decent amount of money from donating your sperm. Healthy sperm from donors that are considered to have good genes and an impressive education are in demand. It’s also not a difficult talk to donate. Sperm Donation How much can you make from sperm donation? … read more

What is a dividend yield? 5 top UK shares paying a high income

Reading Time: 5 mins Here’s how a dividend yield works, along with 5 top UK shares paying high levels of income to shareholders who invest in these stocks.

Free money: how to get your hands on it now!

Reading Time: 8 mins Free money. It doesn’t exist right? Wrong…well, you can get back money you didn’t know you had. That certainly exists. Millions of pounds-worth of it in fact! An easy way to make money is by looking for old accounts, lost pensions and missing assets. You might be surprised at what’s there for you. Plus, we’ve … read more

What are shareholder perks and how can you benefit from them?

Reading Time: 5 mins Here is everything you need to know about shareholder perks. Find out which stocks and shares offer these benefits and whether it’s worth investing.

Entertainment Magpie: All the Best Deals this June/July

Reading Time: 6 mins Entertainment deals. At MoneyMagpie we are always looking for the best ways to help you all save money. One thing we hear time and time again, is that when times are hard, we need fun more than ever. We have therefore made it our mission to help you, our readers access the best entertainment deals … read more

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