How to Make Money from Misery

‘Where there’s muck there’s brass’, the saying goes. But what about ‘where there’s misery there’s moolah’? Has anyone noticed that one? Well quite a few people, actually. Ways to make money from misery Even hugs earn money Use empathy for cash   Ways to Make Money from Misery We have ways to make money from … read more

10 ideas for couples to make money together

Reading Time: 9 mins Want to save up for a holiday, a big party, or even a major life goal like a house deposit? Making money as a couple can be a fun way to spend time together whilst working toward a mutual goal. We’ve compiled a few ideas for couples to make money together. While many of these … read more

Make Money from your Cat!

Reading Time: 5 mins Make money from your cat.  THROW YOURSELF INTO A PILE OF CATS    We’ve advertised many dream jobs on here, but this is one we know millions will scramble for as a side hustle: cat-sitting! We actually know quite a few people who do this, and it fits in around their jobs.  ENTRUST YOUR CAT … read more

Make money from police auctions in 4 easy steps

Reading Time: 5 mins There are plenty of great bargains awaiting you at police auctions. Anyone can attend a police or government-run auction where you can snatch up great deals on things like bikes, laptops and trainers (often paying less than half their market price). Police auction off property that has been seized or handed in. When they are … read more

Are you getting THIS government money? £250 for British Gas Customers. Save Money Frrom Home and Make Money Cooking

Free Cinema Tickets, Make Money From Money, Help For Disabled People and King Charles Coin Unveil

Make money if you have a physical disability

Reading Time: 12 mins If you’re physically disabled there are lots of ways to make money on the side in easy and unexpected ways, even if you’re not very mobile. (Keep an eye out for a new series coming soon that will cover other types of unseen disabilities and mental health.) Here’s a list of just some of the … read more

How to make money by running a pop-up restaurant in your home

Reading Time: 5 mins If you’re a whizz in the kitchen and love entertaining, you could be the perfect candidate to make some extra money by running a pop-up restaurant in your home. Ever thought about it? If not, here’s a basic guide to get you started: What is a pop-up restaurant? Why set one up? How to set … read more

How to make money by getting healthy

Reading Time: 4 mins Need an incentive to get out and get healthy? Good news! The MoneyMagpie team has uncovered a myriad of ways to make money by getting healthy and we can’t wait to share them with you. From utilising your health insurance to playing guinea pig for clinical trials, here are a few surprisingly simple ideas. Apps … read more

How to invest in tech royalties and make money from them

Reading Time: 5 mins If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, buying crypto tech royalties could be a smart, if unconventional way to do so. But what exactly are tech royalties? And are they really a good investment? In this article, we’re going to answer both of these questions, and more! Keep on reading for all the details… What … read more

Make Money from your Outbuilding

Reading Time: 3 mins Homeowners are seeking ways to combat the currently all-too-notorious rises in energy bills and the cost of living crisis that’s all over the news right now. From renting out your driveway to turning your shed into a source of income, there are plenty of ways your home could serve you in making cash. One such … read more

Make Money Renting Space with YourParkingSpace

Reading Time: 3 mins This post is sponsored by YourParkingSpace Having an off-street parking space is something that you might take for granted: being able to park your car off the road for no extra charge, safe and sound by your house. Yet it’s a highly-prized luxury that thousands upon thousands of people in the UK don’t have, being … read more

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