Buying property to make a profit

Reading Time: 7 mins Buying property can be a good way to invest your money for the longer term. We’ve all spent a lazy morning in front of Homes Under The Hammer and thought to ourselves, “I could do that”. But does investing in property really turn a profit every time? Tying up your capital in bricks and mortar … read more

Property investment – should you be buying to let?

Reading Time: 11 mins Property investment has had a bad rep over recent years. Landlord is a dirty word for some – but if you stick to some ethical principles, you can make great returns on your investment AND be a great landlord. 2019 has seen some radical changes to the buy-to-let market, from changes in tenant fees to … read more

Feel like a holiday? Find out about a holiday property bond

Reading Time: 3 mins  What is The Holiday Property Bond (HPB)? We have all seen for decades its intriguing advertisements in magazines, often fronted by cheery  Sue Barker or Judith Chalmers. The HPB is a bit like a time share but more flexible and less prone to bad press. If you have a sense of value, like luxury holidays, … read more

Budget 2023: The impact on the stock market & pensions

Reading Time: 5 mins On Wednesday 15 March, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his annual budget to Parliament. Changes to childcare and the extension of energy bills support have taken much of the limelight over the past week, but what about the impact on the wider economy and the stock market? Will the scrapping of the Pensions Lifetime Allowance really … read more

It’s nearly the end of the tax year. Here’s what you need to do

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of the tax year? This is the time of year when investors suddenly realise they need to put their skates on in order to make the most of the dwindling number of tax-saving vehicles available to us Maximise your pension payments Use up your ISA allowance Don’t forget … read more

Why investing in children’s books could be better than gold

Reading Time: 3 mins So, you’ve taken Marie Kondo’s advice and started decluttering your home in the hopes of doing the same for other areas of your life. Perhaps you’ve come across some cherished children’s books in the process, thanked them for their service and gently placed them on the ‘donate’ pile. Before delivering them to your charity of … read more

All The Welsh Funding that is Available

Reading Time: 5 mins All our readers across Wales (and the Welsh people living elsewhere of course), will today be donning their traditional dress, eating Welsh Cakes and Cawl and celebrating all that it is to be Welsh. Why? Because it’s St David’s Day! In honour of all of our beautiful countrymen we have done a round up of … read more

15 Sectors Where Careers Will Always Be Available

Reading Time: 4 mins Choosing a career is an important decision that requires careful consideration. With the rapid pace of technological innovation and globalisation, the job market is constantly evolving. Some fields are more stable than others, offering long-term career opportunities. In this article, we will explore 15 fields and sectors where careers will always be available. Healthcare Information … read more

All you need to know about Estate Planning

Reading Time: 13 mins Estate Planning sounds like one of those things that only applies to wealthy people. Who own estates. But it isn’t true. All it means is planning for what will happen to your estate when you die. Your ‘estate’ means everything you own, including money and property. Nobody likes to think about death or leaving behind … read more

Buying real estate in Emaar South as an investment in successful future

Reading Time: 3 mins A small community Emaar South spreads over an area of 7 square kilometres and features tranquil atmosphere and a variety of infrastructural objects. Being constructed by a renowned developing company Emaar Properties, the residential area offers many micro-communities with a wide range of properties. Apartments for sale in Emaar South appear to be not only … read more

7 Investment Tips for Stock Market Beginners

Reading Time: 5 mins Looking for tips for stock market beginners? We’ve got your back! If you’re going to start investing in the stock market, there are a few tips that it would be useful to be aware of. Should you spread your investments, or keep them simple? What about ethical funds – are they worth investing in? Are … read more

All you need to know about Mortgages

Reading Time: 10 mins Choosing a mortgage can be really confusing. What exactly is a mortgage? What type of mortgage is the right one for you? How do I choose a provider? There are so many different types of mortgages on the market, and so many lenders or mortgage providers, that it’s hard to know where to start. In … read more

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