Part-time work in Europe scam

Reading Time: 3 mins I’ve had yet ANOTHER spam email from some dodgy, fraudulent company offering me alleged ‘part-time work in Europe’. For some reason I’ve had a load of these in the last couple of days so they must be targeting a lot of people at the moment. Here’s what the scam email says: “Hi, West Union Group … read more

Saving: Best savings accounts and how to get started

Reading Time: 8 mins There’s really no secret to it – saving is all about living within your means and putting whatever is left over into a high-interest savings account. However, there are a few rules you need to learn first. Once you have got those under your belt it’s simply a question of putting money away regularly and … read more

About Us

  Hellooo! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 We’re the MoneyMagpies (do you like our pictures above??).   Meet the team Jasmine Birtles – Founder & director  Founder and director of MoneyMagpie, Jasmine is a TV financial expert, presenter, author of 38 books, comedian and the Daily Mail’s ‘Miss Moneysaver’ columnist. She runs three companies, lives … read more

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