21 brilliant ways to be poor

Reading Time: 10 mins Find out how to be poor. Don’t build up wealth. Don’t have a rich retirement. Make sure you are poor and anxious for the rest of your life. Here are great ways to do that!

Buying property to make a profit

Reading Time: 7 mins Buying property can be a good way to invest your money for the longer term. We’ve all spent a lazy morning in front of Homes Under The Hammer and thought to ourselves, “I could do that”. But does investing in property really turn a profit every time? Tying up your capital in bricks and mortar … read more

How To Publish To Kindle

Reading Time: 9 mins Publishing your work to Kindle’s store is easier than you think. If you’re reading this, then the chances are you’ve already completed a book or short story and are looking to self publish on a reliable platform. Or you may be considering writing your first novel and are just doing some research. If you have, … read more

How to invest in VCTs

Reading Time: 5 mins Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) offer the appeal of big tax breaks and great returns. However, the larger the reward – the bigger the risk. That’s why VCT investing isn’t for everyone. If you want to find out if it’s something you’d like to add to your investment strategy, keep reading! What are VCTs? So why … read more

Property investment – should you be buying to let?

Reading Time: 11 mins Property investment has had a bad rep over recent years. Landlord is a dirty word for some – but if you stick to some ethical principles, you can make great returns on your investment AND be a great landlord. 2019 has seen some radical changes to the buy-to-let market, from changes in tenant fees to … read more

Make money investing in diamonds

Reading Time: 6 mins Investing in diamonds can be a great way to make money and wear your investment at the same time! As with investing in gold jewellery, investing in diamonds is a win-win, so long as you’re careful to protect your investments when you’re wearing and storing them. Diamonds can be a great alternative investment. In fact, … read more

How to buy shares

Reading Time: 9 mins Investing in shares isn’t for the elite or mega-rich, nor is it restricted to Those In The Know. Anyone can buy shares and make money. That means you! You don’t have to be on the floor of the London Stock Exchange, either. Thanks to the advent of online brokers over the last few decades, you … read more

Investing for income when you’re 50+

Reading Time: 7 mins As you start to consider your retirement finances, you’re looking for income but you’re also looking for safety. How do you make the most of the money you have in these turbulent economic times? We look at your investing options and explain how they work and what they could do for you. Annuities Gilts Savings … read more

Get paid for eating ice-cream

Reading Time: 2 mins Erm, okay. This is real. We promise. Okay, calm down. Actually, get very excited. Yes you can get paid for eating ice cream. Unleash your inner child (or adult). The Job Tech-driven recruiter RedWigWam is seeing a surge in demand from people looking to become mystery shoppers. The online platform is regularly looking for students, … read more

Make money from designer fashion

Reading Time: 9 mins Collecting designer fashion is a quiet market, but racks up thousands of pounds at auctions. Investment in a designer or a certain fashion decade is like collecting art and goes hand in hand with the trend for vintage. Aesthetics aside, there is big money to be made in collecting couture. What to collect? How much could … read more

Make money from police auctions in 4 easy steps

Reading Time: 5 mins There are plenty of great bargains awaiting you at police auctions. Anyone can attend a police or government-run auction where you can snatch up great deals on things like bikes, laptops and trainers (often paying less than half their market price). Police are auctioning off property all the time that has been seized or handed … read more

Make money when it snows

Reading Time: 8 mins Snow trapped you at home? It may just be the money-making opportunity you need. If the weather has you bored out of your trousers indoors, don’t let this down-time go to waste. Make the most of it. In fact, make it earn you money. Find out here how you can earn cash from the snow, … read more

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