People are Desperate to Hire These Trades

Reading Time: 5 mins Seemingly vast numbers of people have used part of their extra time in self-isolation to catch up on house maintenance, renovation projects and home decorating. DIY projects are great to start but there always comes a point where your minimal skills no longer suffice and you need some skilled workers from various trades to jump … read more

What should I do with my foreign currency?

Reading Time: 5 mins If you had a holiday booked just before the coronavirus lockdown started, you might have more to think about than airline refunds and trying to claw back the cash you’d spent on hotels. You might have foreign currency burning a hole in your pocket now, too – especially if you were about to head off … read more

Make money with a private dining business

Reading Time: 8 mins Private home events and small weddings could soon be back on the agenda – and that means you could make money with a private dining business! Food is a huge part of our celebrations, large and small, and private dining is set to soar as the ‘new normal’ kicks in. Rather than heading out to … read more

Benefits for over 60s

Reading Time: 20 mins Turning 60 needn’t be a milestone to dread: there are plenty of things to look forward to, including a host of exciting perks and freebies, and a number of incredibly valuable benefits for over 60s. This article came about when we were asked a question: With this in mind, we have tracked down the best … read more

8 Ways to Teach Your Children About Money

Reading Time: 5 mins Trying to teach your children about the world of money can seem like a daunting task but it is a crucial one. A study from Cambridge University said that most adult money habits are formed by the age of 7! It shows the power parents have to shape money habits of their children, which will … read more

Green habits to save cash AND the environment!

Reading Time: 7 mins Going green! We have all heard about it, but what exactly does it mean? The aim is to protect the environment and sustain natural resources for current and future generations by developing green habits. Or to put it more simply, finding ways to preserve the planet by choosing to use renewable energy over fossil fuels, … read more

How to make money as an event planner

Reading Time: 5 mins Ever considered making money as an event planner? Are you organised, high-energy, imaginative and calm under pressure? Enjoy seeing a vision come together, and knowing that you were integral in making it happen? If the answer to all of the above is yes, it sounds like you’ve got skills that could be well-suited to a … read more

Where and how to advertise your online business

Reading Time: 5 mins With traditional high street shops closed (at least for now) and everyone doing their non-essential shopping online, there’s never been a better time to set up an online business. Even when shops reopen, many people will stick to online buying for a long time to come. If you want to make the most of this … read more

Old-School Cleaning Tips That’ll Save You Hundreds Each Year

Reading Time: 5 mins Catching up on long forgotten cleaning and household chores has become a popular activity for people finding themselves with more time on their hands during lockdown. However, stocking up on new cleaning supplies can end up costing you a small fortune and no one wants to have to spend lots of their hard-earned cash on … read more

What is negative interest?

Reading Time: 5 mins You’ve heard of interest rates – it’s the amount you pay the bank to borrow money from them. Or, as a saver, it’s how much the bank pays you to ‘borrow’ your money. But what about negative interest rates? Many of us won’t have heard of negative interest – and for good reason. It’s a … read more

Should You Go Into Debt to Start a Business?

Reading Time: 5 mins As the saying goes you must spend money to make money. This is definitely true when you start a business. Things like registering your business name, website hosting, and creating a space to work from all cost money. Although there are ways to minimise these costs. So, the short answer is yes, expect to go … read more

Are consolidation loans worth it?

Reading Time: 5 mins Struggling with debt can cause a huge amount of stress. This is especially the case if you’ve got debts owed to a few different places. How do you know which debt to pay off first, and how to keep the interest down so you don’t end up paying far more than you need to? This … read more

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