6 Investments That Aren’t The Stock Market

Reading Time: 5 mins If you’ve got money to make long-term investments at the moment, you’re in a lucky financial position. You still need to be careful, though. With economies around the world preparing for a downturn in light of the coronavirus crisis, the stock market is unlikely to be the best place to invest your money for a … read more

Student finances: Planning for the ‘new normal’

Reading Time: 5 mins There’s no question that the past few months have been difficult for students. Lectures cancelled from March. Exams moved online. No real clarity about what’s going to happen next year. Clearly, thousands of students across the country are finding themselves in flux. And when student finances are thrown into the mix, things can get even … read more

What Is a Taxable Grant?

Reading Time: 6 mins Have you been paid a taxable grant? Maybe you’re eligible for one and don’t know it yet. How do you know any grants are taxable? The outset of the coronavirus pandemic has seen a massive increase in the number of taxable grants available to self-employed individuals and businesses. Providing much needed support during this time … read more

Make money with a private dining business

Reading Time: 8 mins Private home events and small weddings could soon be back on the agenda – and that means you could make money with a private dining business! Food is a huge part of our celebrations, large and small, and private dining is set to soar as the ‘new normal’ kicks in. Rather than heading out to … read more

10 Easy Money-Saving Hacks for Working From Home

Reading Time: 6 mins Many of us are adapting to working from home instead of going to the office every day. Did you know that you can claim tax back on some things – and a home working allowance, too? There are so many ways you can save money working from home! Many employers are set to keep remote … read more

Coronavirus Cancellations: How to Get Your Money Back

Reading Time: 6 mins From flights to train season tickets to summer festivals: the COIVID-19 crisis has hit everyone financially. This guide will show you how to get refunds for coronavirus cancellations. While mass gatherings are not yet banned, we’ll also take a look at what you can do to prepare if you’re planning your wedding or have a … read more

10 ways to get a free home (and get paid for it!)

Reading Time: 13 mins How to get a home for free. There are lots of ways you can get a home for free with a job or by being someone who looks after properties. Here are just a few of them.

How to make money from sporting events

Reading Time: 8 mins Want to make money from sporting events in your area or anywhere in the world? Whether it’s hundreds of pounds or thousands, there are better ways to make money from sporting events like Premier League football or Wimbledon tennis than gambling on them. From seasonal jobs to rental ideas to selling to the punters, there’s plenty … read more

Ways for families to make extra money

Reading Time: 10 mins We often see money making as a solo venture, or something you only do with professional colleagues, but why not make money with your family? Apart from getting the opportunity to spend time together, your family unit can offer something that a lone individual can’t. Instead of seeing children as drain on your finances, bring … read more

Top ten ways to make summer cash quick

Reading Time: 16 mins Fancy making extra cash this summer? Here are a host of great ideas for seasonal work that you can fit around your current lifestyle. We’ve covered everything from working at events (get free tickets to sport and music festivals as well as lining your pocket) right through to looking after someone else’s house whilst they’re … read more

The shocking truth about Christmas “traditions”

Reading Time: 7 mins So you’ve seen the supermarket ads with pictures of the ‘perfect’ family Christmas with the tree, the mounds of food, the crackers, the mistletoe, the presents and the ubiquitous Father Christmas. You’re telling yourself, cynically, that these perfect Christmases don’t happen (domestic violence spikes markedly during the festive season) but still there’s a little voice that … read more

Reasons to be cheerful: 62 things to make you smile in 2021

Reading Time: 16 mins Feeling the lockdown blues…even when it’s not supposed to be lockdown? It still feels like there is a lot to be gloomy about – the government and SAGE certainly seem to want to keep us that way! But we truly don’t have to accept that. We can rebel and demand the goodness, happiness and light … read more

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