Make money as a cleanfluencer – the influencers cleaning up on Instagram

Reading Time: 4 mins What comes to mind when you think of social media influencers? Attractive people sipping champagne on a yacht? Fashion-forward celebrities showing off designer clothing? How about someone cleaning their oven or showing you how to declutter? It may not sound glamorous, but recent figures reveal the most popular cleaning influencer, or ‘cleanfluencer’, is making almost … read more

How you can beat savings accounts with index-tracking funds

Reading Time: 5 mins Even the highest-paying savings accounts struggle to keep up with inflation. Tucking your spare cash away into a cash savings account can actually DECREASE your buying power as interest rates continue to stay low against inflation. Index-tracking funds could be a way to beat inflation. Index-trackers are a form of investment. That means there is … read more

Help for over-50s: how to save if you’re broke

Reading Time: 11 mins Saving when you’re broke and over 50 may seem impossible. You’re either still in work and trying to put whatever you can into your pension pot, or already drawing down from your pension for an income much lower than you’re used to. Having no savings and a small income, and knowing your retirement is coming … read more

How to Invest in REITs – And Why You Should

Reading Time: 5 mins REITs have become a portfolio staple for income investors over the past decade, but what exactly are REITs? Why are they becoming more popular? and how can you invest in REITs? To find out the answers to all those questions and more read our article on how to invest in REITs below. Real Estate Investment … read more

How compound interest makes you money

Reading Time: 6 mins The trouble with maths class is they don’t teach you how compound interest can make you rich without you needing to lift a finger. If our maths teacher had started with that as an opener, everyone would’ve paid attention! Compound interest is the secret to people getting rich with even small investments. If you’re like … read more

Gilt funds: how to invest in them

Reading Time: 7 mins Gilt funds are an alternative way to invest in gilts (government bonds). It’s actually quite easy to invest in individual gilts as we showed here, but many people like to invest in funds of gilts. Funds can give you a good spread of different types of gilts in your portfolio but can also potentially cost you … read more

Are pensions worth it?

Reading Time: 2 mins However you may feel about pensions, it’s something we should all think about sooner rather than later. It’s never to early to plan for retirement. But are pensions worth it? Clearly the MoneyMagpie readers are interested in this topic. In fact, you asked us what to do with your £100,000 pension pot given that the … read more

5 steps: What to do with a windfall

Reading Time: 7 mins Everyone dreams of a windfall. But an inheritance, gift or redundancy pay-out isn’t an unalloyed joy. Working out what to spend, what to invest, and where to put your money can be a bit daunting. If you don’t know where to start, it’s worth following five steps that can help you decide what to do … read more

Make money lying down

Reading Time: 7 mins Can you really make money lying down? Some people manage it – and it’s not just the super-rich on their yachts! Make money lying down by being a professional bed-tester Be a professional snuggler Make money lying down and watching TV Be a house-sitter (…lying down!) Make money lying down by planning your finances Increase … read more

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