What is a share? Here’s why you should care

Reading Time: 5 mins Here is everything you need to know about shares. You’ll learn all about what a share actually is and why they are so important to UK investors.

Are we facing a global financial apocalypse?

Reading Time: 4 mins Are we facing a global financial apocalypse? Our founder and CEO Jasmine Birtles recently hosted a free webinar all about the current state of the economy and the worries we are all facing at the moment. She was spurred to create this webinar due to the bond market bubble, a potential currency resent across the … read more

What Is Peer-to-Peer Lending?

Reading Time: 5 mins Peer-to-peer lending (P2P) has grown in recent years. But what is it – and how can you both make money from investing in it, and borrow cash to fund projects? As savings rates plummet to not-worth-it levels, putting your money into other things can help protect the future growth of your wealth. Peer-to-peer lending is … read more

Your ultimate financial jargon dictionary (Q-Z)

Reading Time: 4 mins Do you ever feel like you need a big financial jargon dictionary? The words and phrases used in letters, bank statements, on the radio, television or within newspapers, magazines and books, can leave us scratching our heads. Even financial journalists can get a little dizzy from the amount of vocabulary out there. That’s why we … read more

How to make owning shares better for you and me

If you’re reading this articles you probably either own shares or are thinking of owning shares very soon. Good for you! At MoneyMagpie we are keen on everyone owning some shares, whether directly or within funds, and the easier and cheaper the process of buying and selling them can be, the better. However, once you … read more

Global Recession and Austerity on the Horizon

Reading Time: 4 mins Global recession is coming. At the moment we are all inundated with petrifying news. Energy Prices, tax increases, war and a general sense of doom often feels like it is eclipsing us. None of it is reassuring and we are rarely seeing any solutions to ease our fears. This also comes at a time that … read more

Use of Cash ISAs is Dwindling and at an all time low

Reading Time: 5 mins Use of Cash ISAs is dwindling. Cash ISAs saw a record £7bn of outflows in the last six months of 2021, but interest rates on cash ISAs more than halved last year, to hit a low of 0.3% in December. The cost of living crunch has left people with less money to save, says Laura … read more

Protect your money in a time of soaring inflation

 In case you hadn’t noticed, inflation is running away with us and it’s not going to stop in the Spring, as the Bank of England tried to tell us last year. I’ve asked my friend Tim Price, a wealth manager and co-founder of Price Value Partners, to write this guest column on where to put … read more

Self-Select ISAs: Keep Your Investments in Your Hands!

Reading Time: 5 mins Interest rates are shockingly low. Your cash ISA may offer a measly 2% or so – IF you’re willing to lock your money away for a fixed term (and that doesn’t take into account inflation, either). Stocks and shares are the best way to generate an income and grow your wealth with a long-term strategy. … read more

What is a LISA and should I get one?

Reading Time: 6 mins A Lifetime ISA (LISA) can help you buy your first home or save for retirement. A whopping 25% Government bonus gets paid on your savings – who can say no to free money?! Here, we break down the LISA rules and whether you should consider opening one. ISA basics What is a Lifetime ISA? Who … read more

Why Equities ISAs Beat Cash Savings Every Time

Reading Time: 6 mins Equities ISAs offer an easy way to invest and grow your money over time. We’re going to keep saying it until you go and move your cash savings into stocks and shares ISAs! Don’t be put off by the risk of investing in funds. The long-term returns you get are far more likely to outrank … read more

Webinar summary: How to invest to beat inflation!

Reading Time: 5 mins We recently hosted a FREE webinar all about how to invest to beat inflation. Hosted by our founder and CEO Jasmine Birtles, the webinar discussed the various ways to invest your money during these inflationary times. Jasmine was joined by Karina Hicks from The Royal Mint, who are the kind sponsors of this webinar. Karina … read more

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