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How To Protect Your Money On Holiday

30th Nov 2016

We have had a few readers ask us “How do you protect your money on holiday?” So, this is an answer to that. This is how to plan for a safe holiday – to protect yourself, your money and your family just in case the worst happens.

20 wonderful ways to make money and save money in Winter

1st Nov 2016

Christmas is just a few weeks away (no, we can’t believe it either) but for many it will bring nothing but financial strain. We’re here to help with 20 wonderful ways to make money and save money in Winter to ease that burden. Take a look below. December January February  December 1.Win some prizes. Enter a load…

How to make money from TV

27th Oct 2016

Have you ever wondered how you can make money from TV? It’s not just for celebrities. Ordinary people can make money from TV in all sorts of odd ways. Just as important as being on the box is what happens behind the box. Whether you want to make a few pounds or become a millionaire,…

How students can benefit from cashback sites

26th Oct 2016

If you’re looking for easy ways to earn some extra money from the comfort of your home, cashback sites can be a great resource. Students in particular can really benefit from cashback sites – they’re easy to use, you can log on whenever you like, and earn money in between assignments! Did you know you…

10 ways holiday car hire companies rip you off

23rd Aug 2016

Are you planning on using car hire companies when you go away over the holidays? Watch out, particularly if you are in Southern Europe. There are a lot of dodgy dealers around who will try to trap you with tricky contracts and extra charges that you didn’t expect. Here is our guide to taking out…

How families can cut mobile phone costs

19th Jul 2016

Mobile phone costs are one of the biggest day-to-day expenses of having children, particularly as they become teenagers and want to use social media apps and talk to friends for hours. But there are a few ways you can cut the costs, particularly by buying secondhand, reconditioned phones as we show you below. You can also…

Make money lying down

18th Jul 2016

Can you really make money lying down? Some people manage it – and it’s not just the super-rich on their yachts! Make money lying down by being a professional bed-tester Be a professional snuggler Make money lying down and watching TV Be a house-sitter (…lying down!) Make money lying down by planning your finances Increase…

How to buy a bicycle for the best price

5th Jun 2016

What’s not to love about cycling? It’s good for the environment, your wallet and, of course, your health. But before you rush out and spend hundreds on a state-of-the-art bike, or even just a cheap second-hand one, here are a few things you should consider. What to look for Where to buy Optional extras Government…

New tax and benefit changes starting this month

30th Mar 2016

The personal allowance has gone up, stamp duty has gone up, pension allowance has gone down and there’s a new living wage among other changes coming in this April.

5 secrets to saving money without giving up everything you love

23rd Mar 2016

Want to know our secrets for saving money? It’s quite simple really; the less you spend, the more you’ll save. And more importantly, the more you’ll be able to put into paying off your debts. The quicker you pay them off, the cheaper it’ll be in the long run and the sooner you’ll be free and able…

15 bankrupt celebrities you’ll never believe

30th Jan 2016

Bankruptcy is never a nice thing but it can happen to anyone, no-matter how successful or famous you can find bankrupt celebrities too. We’ve put together this list of 15 celebrities who went bankrupt to show it can happen to the best of us. Also, it’s a reminder that bankruptcy doesn’t have to mean the end….

Why digital downloads are a rip-off

27th Dec 2015

The digital world is taking over our lives. We download music rather than buy CDs, we choose Netflix over DVDs and we can even give up our yoga classes at the gym for free videos on YouTube. Over half of Brits were given ‘virtual gifts’ at Christmas! But have you stopped to question whether this digital…