How to make money from TV

Reading Time: 7 mins Have you ever wondered how you can make money from TV? It’s not just for celebrities. Ordinary people can make money from TV in all sorts of odd ways. Just as important as being on the box is what happens behind the box. Whether you want to make a few pounds or become a millionaire, … read more

Safe savings alternatives

Reading Time: 6 mins Are you fed up of all the same old problems with banks? Dismal interest rates, needless charges, poor customer service… the list goes on. You’ll be happy to now then, that you don’t have to put up with it: There are actually some very viable alternatives. Here are our top five favourite savings alternatives.

Questions and answers – money tips and benefits if you’re ill

Reading Time: 8 mins You can get a number of benefits if you’re ill and there are other quick financial fixes you can do to bring in more cash as you get better. I’ve been answering financial questions for a website that gives support to women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The ladies have asked some good … read more

Critical illness cover: Is it critical?

Reading Time: 4 mins We don’t like to think about becoming seriously ill, but it’s important to consider financial protection against the worst happening. Critical illness cover is one option, designed to ease the financial burden with a tax-free lump sum which you can spend however you like. However, with sneaky exclusions and an array of policies to choose … read more

Antiques, art & sneakers: Investing in non-traditional assets

Reading Time: 6 mins Sneakers, antiques, artwork, wine & whiskey… there are a host of non-traditional assets that have the potential to rise in value over time. In this article we’re going to explain everything you need to know about investing in non-traditional assets, including the potential drawbacks you should be aware of. Scroll down for all of the … read more

How to make money by getting healthy

Reading Time: 4 mins Need an incentive to get out and get healthy? Good news! The MoneyMagpie team has uncovered a myriad of ways to make money by getting healthy and we can’t wait to share them with you. From utilising your health insurance to playing guinea pig for clinical trials, here are a few surprisingly simple ideas. Apps … read more

13 ways to make and save money from your garden

Reading Time: 12 mins No matter how small your garden may be, you can earn a sweet mint this summer with some of our clever outdoor money-making ideas. From using the soil for growing saleable produce to renting your garden for private functions, there are loads of ways to earn pretty pounds from those lovely petals. Here are a … read more

Make money renting out your holiday home

Reading Time: 6 mins Inherited a property you don’t know what to do with? Second home that sits gathering dust? Time to make money by renting out your holiday home! If you are lucky enough to own a holiday home, it could become more of a financial burden than a luxury. If this is the case, check out our … read more

Paid Vs. Free Financial Advice: Do I Really Need to Pay?

Reading Time: 5 mins There’s an ongoing discussion about financial advice: with the numerous free online resources and charities available, is financial advice still something worth paying for? In essence, seeking financial advice is a very personal decision and it varies greatly depending on your personal circumstances and financial goals. Let’s take a look at the difference between free … read more

Where to Find Free Debt Advice

Reading Time: 4 mins Debt charities have seen a huge spike in people seeking help over the past year. Free debt advice is in high demand as more people face financial difficulties due to the cost of living crisis and energy costs. So, when should you seek debt advice? And where can you find it? When to seek debt … read more

9 great ways to make money from your living room and bedroom

Reading Time: 10 mins As the colder weather continues on, there’s the temptation to begin a hibernation process in your living room. It’s all well and good if you have a trust fund, but that’s not the case for most of us. Earning usually means leaving the house. Unless, of course, you try one of our top tips to … read more

25 financial changes for 2023

Reading Time: 7 mins Financial changes 2023. 2022 has been a year that has felt relentless for so many. With inflation, energy price rises, war and a dead queen, a lot of people are feeling really rather bruised and scared about why lies ahead. The constant doom and gloom in the financial forecasts can feel oppressive and scary. However, … read more

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