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Living together: what you need to know about cohabiting and finances

10th Feb 2020

It may not seem romantic, but cohabiting and finances go hand in hand. Moving in together has become so common in Britain that it’s now become the norm for a lot of people. Unfortunately though, things can go wrong. Cohabiting couples are Britain’s fastest-growing family type. So, while you might not need a piece of…

How to get a will written – an easy guide

10th Feb 2020

Find out how to get a will written with our easy guide. Ensure you don’t overpay in taxes or that your ex doesn’t end up with all your cash! Around two-thirds of us don’t have a will, which means cost and heartache to family and friends. So get it done now and you’ll feel a…

What does it mean? All those confusing money terms explained!

5th Feb 2020

Are you sick of reading money terms that mean absolutely nothing to you? Quite right – don’t put up with it any longer! Here’s our (not at all definitive) finance and banking glossary with all those confusing money terms explained, so that you can understand what it’s all about!   money terms Accountant: Professional number-cruncher….

The shocking truth about how winning the lottery could kill you

6th Nov 2019

Looking forward to winning the lottery? Don’t. You’re highly likely to have a miserable life if you do!

How to make money even when you’re broke

9th Jul 2019

At MoneyMagpie we’re constantly coming up with new ways to make money. But, sometimes, money-making ideas require you have a fair amount of cash to make an initial investment. It’s for this reason we’ve put together this guide to making money even if you’re broke. Follow our guide and see what money-making opportunities out there…

Make money, save money, and beat the big squeeze

3rd Oct 2017

The big squeeze is on. Household income has been under pressure for years now as a result of higher prices, sluggish pay rises, and spending cuts. Unfortunately, according to The Resolution Foundation, none of these things are set to change any time soon. We can expect to feel the pain for years to come, so…

What is an unsecured loan? The truth

7th Jul 2017

Have you ever asked yourself “what is an unsecured loan”? I mean, as opposed to a ‘secured’ loan? It sounds dodgy but, weirdly, an unsecured loan actually less dodgy than a ‘secured’ loan. With an unsecured loan you’re not likely to lose your house or your car whereas with a secured loan you might. If…

How to make money from TV

27th Oct 2016

Have you ever wondered how you can make money from TV? It’s not just for celebrities. Ordinary people can make money from TV in all sorts of odd ways. Just as important as being on the box is what happens behind the box. Whether you want to make a few pounds or become a millionaire,…

Safe savings alternatives

25th Feb 2012

Are you fed up of all the same old problems with banks? Dismal interest rates, needless charges, poor customer service… the list goes on. You’ll be happy to now then, that you don’t have to put up with it: There are actually some very viable alternatives. Here are our top five favourite savings alternatives.

51 ways to save money in your home

23rd Apr 2024

Updated 23rd April 2024 We could all do with cutting our household expenditure, so we’ve come up with 51 easy ways you can save money in your home. By making these tiny changes in your everyday life, you will notice a big difference. It’s a huge list, but every little saving adds up – even…

Disability Benefits: What You’re Entitled To

19th Apr 2024

Updated 19th April 2024 In the past few years there have been substantial changes to disability benefits and support available. Below is a helpful bank of information, where you can find out what you may be entitled to claim, the amounts you can receive and how to apply for each. Working age – 18+ Employment…

Your Budgeting Checklist

4th Apr 2024

Updated 4th April 2024 Trying to get on top of your overall expenses means it’s easy to forget the little costs along the way. This budgeting checklist will help you break down your expenses into chunks, so that you can make a realistic household budget – and see where you can save. Why Budget? Household…