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How to make money by getting healthy

16th Jan 2023

Need an incentive to get out and get healthy? Good news! The MoneyMagpie team has uncovered a myriad of ways to make money by getting healthy and we can’t wait to share them with you. From utilising your health insurance to playing guinea pig for clinical trials, here are a few surprisingly simple ideas. Apps…

13 ways to make and save money from your garden

12th Jan 2023

No matter how small your garden may be, you can earn a sweet mint this summer with some of our clever outdoor money-making ideas. From using the soil for growing saleable produce to renting your garden for private functions, there are loads of ways to earn pretty pounds from those lovely petals. Here are a…

Make money renting out your holiday home

11th Jan 2023

Inherited a property you don’t know what to do with? Second home that sits gathering dust? Time to make money by renting out your holiday home! If you are lucky enough to own a holiday home, it could become more of a financial burden than a luxury. If this is the case, check out our…

Paid Vs. Free Financial Advice: Do I Really Need to Pay?

10th Jan 2023

There’s an ongoing discussion about financial advice: with the numerous free online resources and charities available, is financial advice still something worth paying for? In essence, seeking financial advice is a very personal decision and it varies greatly depending on your personal circumstances and financial goals. Let’s take a look at the difference between free…

Where to Find Free Debt Advice

10th Jan 2023

Debt charities have seen a huge spike in people seeking help over the past year. Free debt advice is in high demand as more people face financial difficulties due to the cost of living crisis and energy costs. So, when should you seek debt advice? And where can you find it? When to seek debt…

9 great ways to make money from your living room and bedroom

9th Jan 2023

As the colder weather continues on, there’s the temptation to begin a hibernation process in your living room. It’s all well and good if you have a trust fund, but that’s not the case for most of us. Earning usually means leaving the house. Unless, of course, you try one of our top tips to…

25 financial changes for 2023

21st Dec 2022

Financial changes 2023. 2022 has been a year that has felt relentless for so many. With inflation, energy price rises, war and a dead queen, a lot of people are feeling really rather bruised and scared about why lies ahead. The constant doom and gloom in the financial forecasts can feel oppressive and scary. However,…

51 Money Saving Tips for Parents

14th Dec 2022

Raising children is an expensive business, so money saving tips for parents are always warmly received. In fact, 2021 research by CPAG found the average cost of raising a child until the age of 18 now stands at £160,692 for a couple and £193,801 for a lone parent To help out parents, we’ve compiled a…

What happens to your pension when you die?

30th Nov 2022

How can you make sure your loved ones inherit your pension fund when you die?  You’ve spent years saving and making sure that your pension is growing – it’s only natural that you will want to ensure that it goes to the right people. Here at MoneyMagpie we’ve put together a short guide on what…

How much should you have saved in a pension?

24th Nov 2022

The size of your pension pot will have a massive impact on your quality of life during retirement. So, are you on track for a comfortable retirement, with the freedom to go on numerous overseas holidays? Or is keeping on top of essential bills the best you can realistically hope to achieve? In this article…

How to Make Money in Your Retirement

15th Nov 2022

Make Money In Retirement. Whatever stage of life you’re at, study after study shows that if you want to live longer, be healthier and have more of a life, working after retirement is one of the best things you can do. As well as helping you stay happy and healthy, a recent French study has suggested…

Monese: Is There An App That Can Help You Build Your Financial Future?

11th Nov 2022

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Monese   We’ve written recently about the difficulties people face when trying to open bank accounts if they have a credit history that may traditionally count against them. Some customers have said the sheer amount of paperwork and ID required to open an account is daunting: proof…