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Mar 14

12 ways to save on water bills while saving water in the home

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You need to save on water bills even more now that so many homes have a water meter.

According to SaveWaterSaveMoney, if you cut your water usage by 20 litres a day, you’ll save yourself an extra £25 a year.

By working to save on water bills you can help save the planet as well as saving money.

With more people in the world, the demand for clean water is growing which isn’t helped by global warming. We all need to learn how to use less of it!

Here are our top 12 ways to save on water bills and stay green!.



12 ways to save water and Save Money

1. Only run a cycle if you’ve got a full load.

Washing machine full of laundry

Did you know that one washing machine cycle uses 95 litres of water?

So if you can wash clothes only when necessary you can save water and reduce your electricity bills.

Half loads are very inefficient so if you’re a small household, wait until you’ve enough for a full load.

If you have children then you will have no problem filling the washing machine!

Also, start washing your clothes at 40° instead of 60° as higher temperatures use more energy and it’ll cost you in the long-run. Pre-soaking overnight can help to loosen a lot of dirt and stains and make the wash cycle more efficient.

2. Take showers instead of baths.

Running shower

According to Waterwise, a shower uses one third of the amount of water that a bath does (if it’s not a power shower and you don’t spend more than 10 mins in there).

A shower’s much more invigorating than a bath and really sets you up for the day.

So adapt your daily routine to showering and if you really can’t do without a bath every now and then, try to keep it down to one a week.



3. Turn the tap off.

money from your home

Leaving the tap running whilst carrying out daily tasks such as brushing your teeth, washing your hair and shaving can waste as much as nine litres of water a minute!

Stopping this bad habit and it’ll save you money on your water bill and significantly reduce your water waste.

If you have any persistently dripping taps, make sure you get them fixed as this can be a huge waste of water over time, costing you money if you have a water meter.


4. Use the dishwasher.

Woman loading dishwasher

Yes really! It uses 15–20 litres of water, compared to hand washing which uses between 60 and 70 litres.

This only works if you scrape rather than rinse the plates before they go in the dishwasher, and if you only run the cycle when it’s full. You can also consider investing in a smaller dishwasher if you’re a couple or a small family.

Remember, when buying new appliances, consider those that offer cycle and load-size adjustments as they’re more water and energy efficient.


See some cheap, green cleaning products you can make yourself easily here


5. Re-use water.

Green watering can watering houseplants

Wash your fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water instead of running water from the tap. This way you can re-use the dirty water when watering house plants (see the gadgets below for one that helps you do this).

Also, when you boil an egg, save the cooled water for your houseplants. The nutrients released from the shell will be good for them. Equally, if you have a fish tank, the dirty water is rich is phosphorus and nitrogen, which are great for your plants!


6. Keep water in the fridge. 

Water bottles in fridge

This way you won’t have to run the tap for ages if you want to have a cold drink.

Find out easy ways to save on your heating bills too in this article


5 gadgets to save on water bills

7. Waterpebble.


Taking shorter showers can save you water and energy. According to Nigel’s Eco Store, spending  just three and a half minutes less in the shower will save up to £180 per year for a family of four.

A Waterpebble times your shower and lets you know when it should be up. You can buy a Waterpebble for £64 at Amazon.


8. Hippo water saver


The Hippo water saver is a pack that goes inside your toilet cistern.

Every time you flush, the Hippo can save up to three litres of water and approximately £20 a year. They cost £3.55 so they’re worth it for the saving.

If you really want to avoid spending, however, you can just put a brick or a few rocks in your toilet cistern. This will reduce the amount it is able to fill up and therefore reduce the amount of water when you flush.


9. Water recycling kit.

Image result for Droughtbuster greywater

The Droughtbuster water recycling kit is great for garden lovers. This gadget allows you to reuse water from your home (also known as Greywater) and is a good way to avoid wasting water.


Here are some ways you can get free money to be environmentally friendly at home


10. PulseEco shower head.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, by simply switching to an eco shower head you could reduce your water usage by an average of 74% and cut your hot water bills by as much as 40%.

You can get a PulseEco shower head for around £25 and is easy to fit to your shower hose. Just unscrew the one you have now and screw this new one on.


11. Eco kettle.

save water and save money

People waste water every day when they go to make a cup of tea. It’s likely that every time you use a kettle you’ll boil more water than you need – wasting water and energy.

This energy-saving kettle by Phillips saves 66% of the energy you usually use by boiling a kettle. It’s about £32.

If you can’t afford that right now and are only using a normal kettle, just be careful to only fill the kettle with the amount you need and not to the brim.


12. Water meter. 

Water Meter

Getting a water meter installed will make you aware of just how much water you are using and how much it is costing you. Many people look at their water usage differently after having a water meter installed and go on to save money as a result.

Finally, after you stop boring your friends with the tale of how you saved money with your water meter, enjoy it by spending wisely or saving it.

And spare a thought for people in parts of the world who can only dream of turning on a tap to have clean water. You might want to send a celebratory contribution to one of the charities that help provide water to the developing world.  Check out

Find out 50 ways to save money by being green here 

Cheap, green cleaning products you can make yourself


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7 years ago

Obviously this email is for home owners only, as being someone who rents I’m not able to have a water meter fitted. Otherwise how can saving water help me to save money?? By the way I’ve never wasted water 🙂

Gillian Cornell
Gillian Cornell
7 years ago
Reply to  veganpanda

Why not ask your landlord if a water meter can be installed – most companies install these free of charge so won’t cost you or your landlord anything. I’m in rented accommodation and have a meter.

7 years ago

In my last rental property the landlord had no choice, Southern Water were fitting meters at all addresses. I’m always re-use water & never leave taps running, at the end of the year I was told I was £65 in credit, yet when I came to claim the money back they told me it had been used for sewerage & standing charges!! Privatisation NEVER works, it’s all about profit.

By the way the Estate Agent for this property told me, the landlady refuses to have a water meter installed here.

6 years ago
Reply to  veganpanda

I thought it was going to be compulsory eventally across all water companies to install meters as this seems to be the way electricity companies will be going with smart meters or is this not so? I siagree that privatisation never works. But in the case of water companies there is hardly any competition (unless you buy bottled water or have a stream running by your home! Who was it who said where there’s muck there’s brass!).So pretty much a monopoly. Although I have not heard any big news stories about customers being ‘cut-off’ and energy companies get a lot… Read more »

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