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Sep 22

4 Cheap Ways to Stay Healthy

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There is no need to pay for a gym membership or buy fancy equipment if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. There are plenty of exercises and habits you can implement while spending very little money. Some of the ideas on this list will even help you save money.


1 – Cook your own meals

It’s hard to gain any level of control over your diet when you aren’t the one preparing your own meals. Especially if you are living off frozen or processed foods.

Cooking your own meals will be hard at first. But in the long term, cooking will help you eat healthier, and it will be cheaper than eating out. If you get good at it, you can even make an extra buck by selling sandwiches or homemade snacks at work or during your commute.


2 – Sleep more

It’s hard to overstate how important sleep is for your overall health. Failing to give your body the rest it needs increases your chance of developing all sorts of health conditions, it can even increase your chances of having strokes or heart attacks. 

Getting more sleep is a cheap and effective way to maintain your overall health. However, this is often easier said than done. What if you simply can’t set aside seven or eight hours to let yourself rest every night?

Well, if that’s the case, then you should at least try to take short naps during the day. Those can also do wonders for your health.


3 – Walk more

Walking is so simple that many people underestimate its value as an exercise. Indeed, walking for thirty minutes or an hour every day won’t make you as healthy as running for the same period. But running requires a bigger investment — you need the proper shoes, and you’ll likely want to take a shower afterward.

Walking is easier, and it beats doing nothing at all. Experiment with parking a little further away from work, or making walking part of your commute in other ways. Walking for half an hour is a cheap way to improve your cardiovascular health, and it also works as a way to reduce your stress levels.

As a bonus, walking also helps your mind work better. Many studies have shown that walking outside or on a treadmill makes creative thinking and problem solving easier.


4 – Take vitamin supplements

More than 50% of the American population suffers from some level of Vitamin D deficiency, regardless of age. That rate goes up the older the person is, and that’s for just one vitamin. There’s a very good chance you suffer from some type of vitamin deficiency, if not several. And while you can function and live while lacking certain vitamins, deficiencies make it harder for your body to work properly.

Different health supplements can help you give your body the vitamins it needs, and these supplements can be fairly cheap. Just make sure you talk with a doctor first and get your bloodwork done, so you’ll know which vitamins you need. This will prevent you from just dumping random vitamins into your body blindly.

CBD might also help you stay healthy. If you haven’t heard of it, you should visit Cibdol’s blog.


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