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Dec 02

5 Saving tips for prescription glasses and contact lenses

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If you’ve been wearing glasses for a while, you’ll know that while they are necessary they are not cheap. Being forced to spend on new lenses, constant contact lens renewals or broken/scratched frames, can be a real purse emptier. But here are some tips for saving some pennies when it comes to buying for your eyesight needs.


1. Shop online

Shopping online for your lenses and frames is the easiest way to get a better deal – solely digital retailers don’t have expenses such as a shop front and sales staff, so usually, you can get a cheaper price for your specs. But first, ensure you have a copy of your most recent prescription so you can fill out your correct data once you’ve picked your new frames.

You can even try on some frames in store, and make a note of the styles you like, specifically the brand and style code. Then go online to a reputable retailer, and see how much the frames differ in price – using a retailer who deals in both designer and more affordable frames, like these women’s glasses options, will give you as much freedom of choice as in the shop.

Some online sellers now offer a ‘try it on’ service using your webcam, so sometimes the try-on trip to the store is surplus to requirements!


2. Buy in bulk

When purchasing contact lenses, it’s known that the more you buy, the cheaper it can be. Check if you can buy 90 pairs of dailies for less than buying 30 every month. Or even six months worth, or a year. It might only be a few pounds difference, but this saving will add up over time. Usually, mega stores such as Costco or Walgreens also have optician sections, and you could save even more buying wholesale.

Also, consider what kind of lenses you buy – would a monthly pair of lenses be better, and more cost-effective than daily ones? Depending on your lifestyle and if the slightly thicker monthly lenses feel right for your eyes, then this could also be a cheaper option.


3. Keep your old frames

Buying a new pair of frames every couple of years, or every time your subscription changes is very expensive if you add up all the different pairs you’ve had. Maybe this time keep your existing frames and have your new lenses put into them – this way you’ll only be paying the smaller charge for new glassware.


4. Look out for hidden costs with lenses

When you’re buying your new lenses or frames, check which extras are being added on to your price. Often you might get an anti-glare, or anti-scratch coating for free if you’re buying new frames and lenses – but if the retailer is charging extra for these, or you’re only buying lenses and don’t qualify for the deal, then ask yourself if you really need those bonus features. It could really save you paying out for something potentially very minimal for you.


5. Try free trials

Trying contact lenses for the first time can be difficult, without the added expenditure attached, only to find out you prefer wearing specs. Many brands will offer a few pairs of daily lenses for free before you commit to a full set, so shop around and see where you can try some monthly, daily or fortnightly lenses to see what suits your eyes best before you commit financially.



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