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5 top tips for students that need gadgets

In order to succeed in these modern times, students need to be equipped with the latest gadgets and electronic accessories. Whether referring to accessing the Internet from a smartphone or storing a term paper with the use of an external hard drive, there are a number of unique options to consider. It is still a well-known fact that not all students have the money to purchase these items at their original price. Let’s take a look at five sure-fire tips which are especially relevant for students who are on a limited budget.


1. Buy Refurbished Gadgets

One of the most common myths is that used electronic devices are somehow less functional than their newer counterparts. Thankfully, this is certainly not the case. There are a host of worthwhile websites such as which are able to provide you with great deals on some truly cutting-edge products. The key here is that these items have been refurbished. In other words, their memories have been wiped, they have been checked for physical faults and the sellers have made certain that they are functioning as they should. There are times when you can save much as 50 per cent when compared to the original price. These portals are always worth examining in closer detail.


2. Sell Your Used Gadgets

Do you have an old smartphone laying around or has your laptop gone unused for months at a time? If so, why not sell these items for cash? From pay-as-you go phones to digital cameras and everything in between, there is a huge market for used electronics. However, it is always important to know which portals are the best. Check out reviews for the most reliable websites or use well-known portals. Other users will bid on your products and if you happen to have an item in high demand such as the supposedly “indestructible” Nokia 3310, you could very well fetch a tidy sum of money!


3. Look into Gadget Insurance

One of the issues with even the most modern of electronic devices is that they tend to encounter problems from time to time. Whether referring to a system crash, a theft or if you happen to dunk your phone into that morning cup of coffee, these events can prove to be very frustrating. This is why it is always critical to purchase special student gadget insurance. One of the massive benefits associated with these plans is that they are offered at reduced rates to students. It is also likely that you will have a wide range of coverage plans to choose from. It pays to plan ahead.


4. The Power of the Open-Box Special

We have all come across “un-boxing” videos on sites such as YouTube. There is no doubt that opening a package containing the latest smartphone model is very exciting. However, the prices of these gadgets might very well take away from any elation that you would otherwise feel. One lesser-known suggestion that students have used for years involves what is known as the open-box special. Many smaller electronic items are placed on display within a store so that buyers can appreciate their functionality. Were you aware that you may be able to receive discounts as high as 15 per cent when purchasing these like-new models? Keep this trick in mind.


5. Coupon Codes and Online Discounts

The Internet is a highly competitive marketplace and companies are always trying to attract new clients with special offers. This is why coupon codes and QR images can come in so very handy. Although some of these are provided from the very beginning, obtaining the best bargains will normally entail registering with a specific site. Still, a five-minute process is well worth the effort if you will be able to encounter an electronic code that may save you a great deal of money. Always be sure to search for these bonus deals before committing to any purchase.

We can now see that there are a number of money-saving tricks that you have at your disposal. Of course, feel free to refer back to this article for guidance in future.


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