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5 ways to cut the cost of your dream wedding – without compromising

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Once upon a time, it was the norm for young couples to marry, take out a mortgage, and move into a new home, all in a matter of months. But nowadays, with the cost of both housing and weddings at an all-time high, many cash-strapped couples are having to choose between getting hitched or buying their first home, as it’s simply financially impossible to find the funds for both (MoneySupermarket).

But, with some clever planning, it’s still possible to get married on a tight budget. If you’ve got your heart set on a fairy-tale wedding, but you’re not sure how you’re going to cover the cost, our simple money-saving tips could be the solution. Just read on to learn five simple cost-cutting tips and tricks that will help you have the day of your dreams for less.


Make your own invitations — or go digital

Professionally printed paper invitations can cost a fortune, so you can save a decent chunk of cash simply by making your own. Not only is this more cost effective, but it will feel much more personal, too.

If you’re not crafty by nature, then you might prefer to send out digital invitations instead. Evite offers loads of beautifully designed digital invites, and it will make it much easier for your guests to respond, too.


Skip hiring musicians and enlist friends instead

A live band can be costly so, if you’ve got any talented friends and family, ask them to play your wedding as a favour. It doesn’t necessarily need to be live music, either: many modern venues will have an MP3 dock as part of their speaker system, so it could be as simple as asking a friend to create a playlist and oversee the speakers. This will also make it easier to create a playlist that suits your tastes —  so you won’t have to worry about a hired DJ getting it wrong.


Buy preowned clothing and wedding jewellery

Wedding rings

If you’ve got your heart set on a designer dress or diamond bridal jewellery but you simply can’t afford them, it’s still possible to find modern outfits and accessories for less. There are lots of clothing and jewellery specialists that offer luxury designs that are still as good as new: Still White’s marketplace boutique has a huge collection of pre-loved designer dresses that are much more affordable than a brand-new gown.

No wedding day is complete without some bridal jewellery, so take a look at this range of pre-owned wedding rings from Est.1897, where you’ll find a selection of gorgeous styles to suit every taste and budget.


Get married out of season or on a weekday

The wedding venue is usually the single largest expense, with the average couple spending a staggering £4354 on venue hire (Telegraph). For many couples, the venue is the single most important part of the big day so, if you’ve got your heart set on a lavish hotel or event space, you can still save money by having your wedding off-season. Venues will usually offer discounts during late autumn and winter, and it’s also often cheaper from Monday through Thursday, too. So, ask around before you book, and see what you could save.


Ask for guest contributions in place of gifts

Even though it’s traditional for wedding guests to give the bride and groom a selection of presents to dress up their new home, this isn’t the best move for a couple that’s looking to save cash. No young couple really wants to receive three toasters and some china plates anymore, so it’s a much better idea to ask guests to put some money towards the cost the wedding, instead.

So, when preparing your invitations, add a note informing guests you’d rather have a small cash contribution: as long as you’re polite and leave the amount up to them, they’re sure to understand.

There’s no need to let money worries overshadow your big day. By taking our budget-friendly tips on board, you can look forward to the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, without the hefty price tag.



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I think people spend way too much money on a wedding day.

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