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Jun 19

7 Ways to Get Free Beauty Products

Reading Time: 4 mins

How do you fancy getting some free beauty products? Could be moisturiser, lipstick, foundation, hand cream and more.

Happily there are a few ways you can get your hands on free cosmetics and toiletries…all entirely legal!

Here are seven foolproof ways to get beauty products for free:

  1. Test out toiletries and cosmetics for free
  2. Ask for freebies at make up counters
  3. Write directly to cosmetics companies
  4. Use freebie sites for free beauty products
  5. Get friendly on social media
  6. Make your own
  7. Set up your own beauty blog


test out toiletries and cosmetics for free

Cosmetics sample tests



Sign up to BzzAgent and get stuff to try and talk about on social media. They call themselves ‘Word of Mouth’ (WOW) agents, the idea being that ordinary people like you and I try certain products and then talk about them with friends and contacts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.



Sign up to Supersavvyme to get household goods and cosmetics to test. So long as you fill out all the initial surveys to prove willing, you’ll be sent brand new products to trial and review. Specify in your profile and within the surveys that it’s the beauty stuff you’re after.


special testing clubs

Some beauty companies even have dedicated testing clubs.

  • St. Moriz
  • Garnier
  • Batiste
  • Boots

are a few examples but there are more so contact your favourite brands and see if they do their own versions. Make sure you’re signed up to as many as possible and you’ll be alerted by email when there are new products available to test.


Ask for freebies at make-up counters

Find a department store and simply ask a member of staff behind one of the cosmetic counters for a free sample. You should be able to get a free colour match/consultation too.

Nearly all counters have a stock of samples tucked away, but some are more generous with them than others.

Try a few different brands and don’t be discouraged by the “no”s. In big cities, it’s great fun to wander from one department store to another, seeing what you can garner.

It’s particularly good for moisturisers and foundation where you can say, quite reasonably, that you need to test it out on your skin first to see if it matches and doesn’t itch!


Write directly to cosmetics companies

Notepad and pen surrounded by cosmetics

This plan works best with brands you are already familiar with.

Find a postal or email address online for the brand you usually use and tell them which of their products you use and what you like about them, then ask if you can have a free sample of something else in the range. You can add that you’re wary of forking out for the full-size product as you don’t know if your skin will like it.

This could take a while to do as the more companies you write to, the higher is your chance of receiving free stuff. If you have the time, and can be bothered, though, it can reap rewards.

Mark yourself out from the rest by sending them a photo of yourself with their product, or something else that shows you’ve put in some effort.


Use freebie sites for free beauty products

freebies banner

Our Freebies newsletter regularly has free beauty products in it.

Many of them are limited and you have to get in fast to grab the good stuff.

So sign up here to get the newsletter straight into your inbox before anyone else sees it. You get a TOTALLY FREE eBook on how to live for free too!


get friendly on social media

Twitter on smartphone

Follow the brands you like on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social media platform you use.

Engage with them, ‘like’ and forward some of their posts and once you’re their ‘friend’ you could ask them direct for free samples.

Also, by following them on social media you get to hear first when they have new products and possible free samples.


Make your own

Ingredients for making cosmetics

There’s nothing to stop you making your own cosmetics. In fact we have an article here on how to make your own cosmetics and sell them for cash. Take a look!

Also, Pinterest is brimming over with instructionals for making from scratch your own mineral foundation, makeup remover wipes, dry shampoo, blush, eyebrow gel, lipstick and so much more. The ingredients come from everyday household items and foods.


Set up your own beauty blog

Beauty blogger doing a makeup tutorial

A really good way to get a flow of brand new beauty products for free is to set up your own beauty blog and make it popular.

Sounds easy? It isn’t but it’s do-able, particularly if you can write and you are happy to do videos to put on the blog as well.

Writing – and vlogging – knowledgeably about beauty products can get you noticed by the beauty industry. Get more followers by being active on social media, blogging for other websites and building up your video following and they will be asking you if you could review their products every week.

See our article here on how to make it as a blogger.


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