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May 05

5 Ways to Save Money Working From Home

Reading Time: 3 mins

There are many advantages to working from home. You can enjoy the lack of a commute, pajama days, and flexible hours when working from the comfort of your living room. While these things may save you money on gas and new clothes, there are plenty of other ways you can save money when working at home.


1. Evaluate Communication Methods

Thanks to modern technology, people have more communication options available than ever before. If you conduct business mainly through phone calls, then finding the cheapest landline phone service makes sense. Other options include video conferences, email, or chat programs.

It is not necessary to be available using every type of communication option out there. Try to find free or cheap options whenever possible and think about which methods work best for you when making a selection.


2. Research Tax Laws

Depending on what type of employment you have, you may be eligible for tax breaks. The laws are subject to change, but depending on your employment status, it may be possible for you to write off a portion of your utility bills or home office space. If that is not the case, then contact the company you work for and ask if they reimburse any work-related expenses.

Entrepreneurs are able to deduct certain business expenses, such as equipment purchases or business lunches. If you run your own company, talk to an accountant about which state and federal laws apply to your business.


3. Create a Meal Plan

Working at an office building can lead to temptation. It can be easy to accept an invitation out to lunch or pitch in to buy treats for a coworker’s birthday.

While the temptation to eat out may diminish when you are working at home, the advent of food delivery services makes it easier than ever for people to order from restaurants. Creating a meal plan can help you stick to a schedule and reduce the urge to splurge on meal delivery. Depending on the type of food you normally order, not only will it save you money, but it can also be a healthier option.


4. Find Used Supplies

Not all businesses outfit employees with everything they need to work from home. Desks, chairs, and other supplies can be expensive. Fortunately, there are many ways to find cheap or free items.

Thrift stores and secondhand shops can be fantastic places to purchase supplies without breaking the bank. Seek out local online marketplaces to find items people are looking to dispose of or trade. Friends and family members may have spare things they can lend or give to help you create your home office space.


5. Creatively Reuse Items

It may not seem like it at first, but you may have everything you need to start working from home. When outfitting your office, try to look at your belongings with fresh eyes. Search for ideas online or enlist the help of a friend to figure out how to create an attractive, functional space for your home office.

For example, with some fresh paint and a bit of reconfiguring, an old dresser could become an elegant desk. Boxes can be cut up and decorated to act as impromptu filing trays, or an old sheet could be spruced up and hung up as a way to divide the office space from the rest of the house.

Setting up a great home office space can take time and effort, but having an area dedicated to productivity can help you stay in the right frame of mind during the workday and boost your motivation. By remaining open to new ideas and doing research, you can set up a home office without stretching the budget.


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