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7 Insider TIPS to Save on Your Summer Getaway 2023

Moneymagpie Team 5th May 2023 No Comments

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This is a sponsored post by RatePunk

Flight prices are enormous even for a neighbouring state weekend getaway? You can barely afford a hostel in London for a few nights and already consider not traveling anywhere this summer? 

With the enormous current inflation, travellers are postponing their travel plans, but don’t rush to do that – there are a few ways to catch great deals. While you simply CAN’T know all the tricks the travel market uses, there are a few additional steps that guarantee almost 100% lower prices. 

Here you’ll also find a new & free tool, RatePunk, that applies all these insider hacks in seconds & saves you time in every step of your hotel booking. 

Let’s go over these 7 TIPS and how RatePunk can help you out saving your time on these. 

  1. COMPARE PRICES on all major booking websites
  2. Compare AIRBNB prices
  3. Check prices in DIFFERENT COUNTRIES
  4. Check prices on DIFFERENT DEVICES
  5. TRACK the price of your wanted hotel
  6. Check the price changes AFTER BOOKING, too.
  7. And finally… make sure to get CASHBACK after your stay

1. COMPARE PRICES on all major booking websites

The room price depends on the agreement between the hotel and the booking website and on their commission which can range between 5-25%. Therefore, the price might vary significantly on different websites, which means you have to do some research. 

Here’s an example of a hotel in the Maldives where by booking from another booking website, you’d save almost $1500. Who could have thought to check? RatePunk pops up on your favourite booking website & informs you which website has the lowest rate for an identical deal. 

2. Compare AIRBNB prices

It seems like Airbnb and hotels are two entirely different accommodation types. However, what you didn’t know, is that most of the Airbnb properties are also listed on regular booking websites. That’s why, if you’re planning to stay at an Airbnb, make sure to search for it on some of the biggest booking websites – you may escape the huge Airbnb fees. 

Here’s an example of how RatePunk finds & redirects you to an identical property on Booking, just for $398 less than on Airbnb. 

3. Check prices in DIFFERENT COUNTRIES

That’s something booking websites don’t want you to know: when searching for hotels, you get different prices only because of the country you’re in. For example, a person in India will get a higher hotel rate than an American, and that’s because Americans tend to spend more while on vacation. 

Until now, there was no way to know which country has the best rate, but RatePunk just launched their system that scans all the IP addresses & informs you about where you should connect. Then you just have to use your favourite VPN tool, change the destination & book for a lower rate! Just like this: 

4. Check prices on DIFFERENT DEVICES

The prices also differ depending on whether you book via mobile phone or desktop. After finding your wanted hotel, don’t jump into booking straight – make some comparisons. 

Here’s an example of a hotel in London. The price on Booking’s mobile app is $100 lower than on the website. RatePunk makes the comparison automatically & refers you to mobile when it’s cheaper, just like this: 

5. TRACK the price of your wanted hotel

Hotel prices change constantly, and to know when they’re at their lowest, you should track them for at least some time BEFORE making the final booking. 

With RatePunk, you can activate price tracking on your wanted hotel & get notified whenever the price drops, and always know when the price is at its lowest without checking it. 

6. Check the price changes AFTER BOOKING, too.

The price of your hotel changes even after you’ve made your booking: it’s just that you no longer track or know it. As the check-in date comes closer, the price often drops if the demand for the hotel is low, and that’s your chance to cancel the old booking & rebook it for that lower price. 

RatePunk pops up after every booking you make & offers you the option of receiving an update if the price decreases, so you don’t need to check it yourself. Then you can cancel that booking & rebook with the lower price.

7.  And finally… make sure to get CASHBACK after your stay

RatePunk CASHBACK lets you earn reward points towards cashback on hotel bookings. Every time you book with RatePunk, you receive a certain number of RatePunk coins. 

You will get 10 free coins just for joining the RatePunk cashback: 5 for creating an account and another 5 for activating it. When you reach the benchmark of 100 coins, you can redeem the $10 cashback. Or, in other words, earn money by spending it on hotels.

All these tips are entirely in your hands and will definitely save you up to a few hundred bucks, if not more. You can check them manually (which will take quite a bit of time), or you can trust it for RatePunk – saving not only your money but also time.

It’s entirely FREE, so you don’t have much to lose. Install it here & plan that summer getaway being sure you’re getting the best deals 👉 https://www.ratepunk.com/

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence. 



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