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What the British pay more for than the rest of the world

Do you sometimes wander round the shops thinking that things are so expensive that someone, somewhere is making far too much profit?

I know I do….and it seems like we’re right.

There really are quite a few things in the UK that we pay more for here than in other countries.

Find out what you pay more for here in the UK:


1. Childcare

what the British pay more forChildcare in Britain is ranked among the most expensive in the world.

In the last five years, the price of part-time nursery care for a child under two has risen by 27% so it’s not surprising we are all looking for ways to cut the cost of childcare.

Childcare can be quite a financial burden for most families, particularly in the long summer holidays, Easter half-terms and Christmas breaks.

The cheapest form of childcare you can get is grandparents. If you’re lucky enough to have parents nearby who are willing and able to help with the kids, at least some of the time, then you’re definitely quids-in.

If you’re not so lucky, take a look at our guide for working parents with a run down of all your childcare options as well as a host of top tips to help you cut costs throughout.

Looking for ways to afford childcare? We’ve got six options for you here.


2. Running a car

moneymagpie_car-cash-pound-notesLast year the UK was named as the most expensive place on Earth to run a car, but it also came 5th in the top modern day essentials we Brits can’t live without.

If you add up the costs of breakdown cover, insurance, servicing and maintaining a car, you’ll see how much of a dent in your wallet it makes but if you can’t give up your beloved car you can find ways to save to make life a little easier.

For cheap car insurance shop around on the net and save yourself a load of cash. Our car insurance comparison site powered by our friends at will get you a good cheap deal – we know, we’ve tried it. Also did you know you can often get a discount on your premium if you take advanced driving qualifications. You will genuinely be safer on the roads too. Take a look at our article on how to cut the cost of your car insurance here.

Reduce the cost of  travelling with these 13 practical ways to cut your driving costs.


3. Renting property

what the British pay more forEarlier this year London overtook Hong Kong to be named the most expensive city in the world for workers to live. It’s not that shocking that almost half of non-homeowners aged 25 to 34 don’t think that they will ever be able to buy.

We can’t do anything about rising rent costs but we can show you how to save in all other areas of your life.

Here at Moneymagpie, we’re experts at city living on a budget. Across the UK there are loads of great cities with fabulous shows, amazing restaurants, fantastic bars and boundless shopping possibilities.

See how to get free food, free nights out and loads of free stuff in our guide to free city living here.

Find out how to save money for next month’s rent with these 26 useful tips.

4. Designer goods

what the British pay more forNike, Marc Jacobs, UGG, Mac and Xbox are just a few designer brands that are cheaper in the US than UK.

Sure, designer goods aren’t  exactly considered  to be an ‘essential’ living item but it’s nice to treat yourself sometimes. So find out here how to get discounted deals on popular make-up brands and expensive designer clothes.

For fashion start with Brand Alley who sell end of season stock for leading designer labels so you won’t necessarily get the latest lines but you’ll be saving yourself a wad of cash.

John Lewis also have a range of designer bags and clothes so make sure you sign-up for their emails and take advantage of sale prices when they arise. For more fashion bargains take a look at our list of top 10 money saving fashion websites.

For discount make-up take a look at these top 10 money saving beauty websites.


5. Food

what the British pay more forFood shopping is something we all have to do whether we like it or not.

A report last year showed that in the UK we pay on average more for milk, cheese and eggs than the European Union average.

To help you save money here are 5 essential dos and don’t of supermarket shopping:


  1. Do not buy pre-packed or pre-prepared food. Instead try to buy loose fruit and veg and cook from scratch instead of paying for unhealthy and expensive ready meals.
  2. Do go shopping with a list. Plan meals for the week and only buy what you need according to your list.
  3. Don’t get being tempted by buy-one-get-one-free offers. Is it really worth it? Do you really need it? Ask yourself these questions before you pick up these items. If it’s something you’d buy anyway then go for it but put one of them in the freezer if possible.
  4. Do shop late at night or early in the morning. We all know that supermarkets reduce their perishable products in the evenings to get rid of them before they go off and have to throw them away. Supermarket sell-by dates are often far off the date when the food will actually go off, so you can buy many products without worrying.
  5. Don’t impulse buy. Chocolate and magazines are strategically placed near the till for some last-minute grabbing, leading to the inevitable impulse buy. Exercise some self-control and ignore the treats the next time you’re queuing!

For more tips read these 8 sneaky tricks that the supermarket don’t want you to know.


6. Apple products

what the British pay more forApparently Apple products are so much cheaper in the US that it’s actually cheaper for UK customers to get a return ticket to the US and buy the product they want from a US Apple store.

Sounds crazy, but products such as an iPad can be up to £80 cheaper across the pond and iMacs are over £250 cheaper!


If you want to save money on technology we recommend skipping the extended warranty and insurance deals you get offered at the till.

Not only will these increase the cost of the product, but they just aren’t always worth it. Take a look at the video below to see what Jasmine thinks about extended warranties for electrical items.


7. Disneyland

pay more forVisiting Disneyland is every child’s dream but it seems British Disney fans are having to pay between £200-£500 more than local French visitors to visit the magical world of Disney.

If you’re planning a trip to a Disney attraction we recommend you take a look at first.

The site is full of information on saving as much money as possible attending the Disney parks and they provide a whole range of discounts including money off getting into the parks and codes to make buying food and drink cheaper. For more money saving travel tips click here.

Love everything Disney? Find out how you can make money from the Disney vault here.


What do you think about us Brits paying more than our foreign counterparts?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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Worthful article. I have gone through it minutely. The author has done intensive research on the topic. Rated up for the thoughtful article.

Katy Phillips

Interesting article – it reflects the results of some research I did late last year on buying tech items in the UK. The results showed that in the UK we pay more for games consoles, TVs and smartphones amongst other things.

The price differences can be as much as 16% more than the average European price.

You can read the findings here:

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