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7 things women pay more for than men

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Listen up female readers! Did you know there are things women pay more for than men!?

Not only does a woman in the UK earn 80p for every £1 earned by a man…still…but even though we earn less it seems we’re also paying more for everyday essentials than men.

Take a look below at seven products and services that women pay more for than men.



1. Haircuts

long-hair-tumblr-onem880mHaircuts for women are generally considerably more expensive than those for men. It’s not uncommon for women to pay upwards of £10 more than men at the high street chains.

It’s not even an issue of length or work needed – it doesn’t matter if you have short hair, getting your haircut will still cost you more if you’re a woman.

At Toni and Guy salon in Oxford Circus, a ladies cut and blow dry from a qualified style director costs £65 whereas the men’s cut and blow dry costs £55.

To combat this pricing inequality, choose a hairdresser with an hourly rate.

Another thing to do if you go to the hairdresser a lot for a regular blowdry is to negotiate an upfront price for a block of visits. So if it’s usually £25 per session, suggest you pay for 10 in one go for £200. Many hairdressers will go for that, particularly if there’s a lot of competition in your area.

Or, if it’s just the ends or a fringe that needs trimming, and you’re feeling confident, there are many DIY haircut guides available online giving you instructions of how to cut your own hair, for nothing! Check out Youtube for a wealth of them!


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2. Razors and Shaving gel

razorWomen’s disposable razors are generally better than men’s – they tend to swivel more easily to get the hard to reach places and have multiple blades.

But, comparable men’s razors, even big brand names, can be found in pound shops and supermarkets for packs of ten, whilst women’s razors can cost around 10% more for just two.

Boots sell Gillette Blue II Plus Disposable Razors in a pack of 8 for £3.79, however the exact same product aimed at women, Gillette Simply Venus Women’s Disposable Razors for a pack of 8 costs £6.39 – that’s almost double!

The main difference is the pink packaging, give or take an extra blade or two, so switching to men’s swivel head razor could save quite a bit of money, even if you need two razors to complete the job.



3. Deodorant

Usually there’s little difference between deodorant for him and her other than the packaging and often, subtle variances in the actual scent.

However, there can be a huge disparity in price with women paying, on average, around 15p more per ounce, according to a University of Florida study.

In Superdrug, a men’s Dove deodorant stick costs £2.89 for 50ml and the same alternative for women costs £2.79 but for 10ml less.

If you’re not bothered about the pretty packaging and sweet smells, don’t be shy to give men’s deodorant a try – some women even prefer it. If you’re happy with odour-free versions (and really that’s probably the best option anyway) there’s no difference at all.


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4. Dry cleaning

According to a study published in the Journal of Gender Issues, dry-cleaning women’s shirts costs twice as much as doing it for men’s on average.

This means that if a male and female had one set of collars and cuffs dry-cleaned every month for ten years, it would cost a man £162, while a woman would fork out around £310 – that’s a £148 difference!

You may have in mind a huge elaborate dress compared to a suit jacket, and think that’s probably about right. However, the research was based simply on shirts and blouses, which are largely the same thing. The reason being, apparently, blouses are shapelier, which need ironing by hand, as opposed to shirts being straighter and therefore, able to be pressed mechanically. We’re not convinced!

If you feel like you’re being overcharged, some dry cleaners are willing to go down in price for regular customers, so it’s worth negotiating with them if you experience unfair pricing. In fact it is possible to haggle with most high-street retailers who offer services, including hairdressers.


For more tips take a look at our article on how to haggle on the high-street here.




5. Shampoo and conditioner

shampooWomen’s shampoos and conditioners have a premium price point when compared to men’s versions. Women also pay more for beauty essentials such as hair dye and shower gel.

While not as radical a price difference as some of the other products listed here, it’s still smart to consider men’s hair products, or at the very least unisex shampoos and conditioners like Pert Plus and Head & Shoulders when on your next shop.

Also look out for special deals (three for the price of two etc) when you’re at the chemist’s as these are easy to store for a long time so it doesn’t matter when you actually use them.



6. Perfume


Do you always like to smell your best? If so, you’ll be forking out more cash than a man for that, too.

Manufacturers of perfumes charge less for men’s cologne than they do for ladies’ perfume — even though most of the time the ingredients are  the same.

It’s been said that women’s perfume costs more than men’s because women’s perfume have a bigger advertising budget – but is that fair?

To beat this price hike find a male fragrance you like, or ignore the big-brands and their budgets and buy from a small company which spends its money on quality ingredients, rather than ads.


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7. Mortgages

should-i-get-an-offset-mortgageA 2011 study published in the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics found that women, on average, pay more for mortgages than men!

Apparently it has nothing to do with gender inequality and more to do with the fact that men are more likely to search around for the lowest deal, whereas women look for good recommendations.

As property prices are on the up there are more competitive deals now available to you and, if you reviewed your mortgage today, you’d see that you can switch to a much cheaper deal at possibly 3%. Switching to a lower interest rate but keeping your monthly payments the same, could allow you to reduce the term of your mortgage which means over time you’ll save money on interest payments as your mortgage will be paid off sooner.

Either way choosing a mortgage can be very confusing. There are so many different types of mortgages on the market, and so many lenders, that it’s hard to know where to start. However, you can save, or lose, a lot more money on it that with any of the products above, so more than any of them, it’s important to choose the right one.

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Don’t forget your pension pot!

Figures from last year show that men are holding on average £7,732 in savings and investments, compared with just £2,000 for women. On average men retire with a fund worth £201,000 while women will retire with £107,000.

The current gap is largely down to the fact many more women stayed at home to raise children without returning to work 30 or 40 years ago.

But although Women have historically lagged behind men in retirement savings, the recent pensions changes are giving women new opportunities to build a more comfortable retirement.

To find out more about how to save for your pension take a look at our range of useful articles here.

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