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Oct 23

7 Ways Your eReader Makes Life More Fun

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Sometimes, you might miss that feeling of having your arm piled with books while you go from one aisle to another, trying to find the last one on your required reading list for school. However, having an eReader offers a host of benefits that makes it hard to pass up on.

  1. Read what you like. According to The Bustle, one advantage of having an eReader is that no one else knows what you’re reading. After all, they won’t have to see the cover of the book. So they can’t take a quick glance to check the title and judge you for your reading material. These days, if you want to go with a steamy romance paperback or simply don’t relish the thought of just about anyone knowing what you’re reading, then an eReader lets you have your fun while keeping you safe from prying eyes.
  2. Travel with your library. If you love books, you know how hard it is to leave them behind. Every time you go on a trip, you suffer from separation anxiety of the worst kind. Would I need this book? Or this book? Or this one? What do I do if I bring along the wrong book? With an eReader, you won’t have to worry about choosing one book over the rest. You can pack all of them along with you on that trip without worrying about baggage fees and back-breaking heft. The device is so travel-friendly, says Babble, that you won’t want to consider going back to those days when your bag weighed a ton because of the books.
  3. Ditch the heavy tomes. Want to start reading the classics? Have a ton of reading material to get through? Whether you’re on a roll to start with The Collected Stories of Roald Dahl or Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, holding a huge book in your hands tend to put a cramp in your reading. It’s often hard to hold and when you’re lying in bed, holding a huge tome over your head is just asking for trouble. While holding a Nook Samsung Galaxy 4 Tab over your head means you still might accidentally drop that Tablet on and hit you on the nose or forehead. However, the effect won’t be anywhere as damaging as a large and heavy tome dropping smack in the middle of your face.
  4. Bigger text is kinder to your eyes. Ever had the misfortune of reading through a book with a font size just a mite too small for your eyes? It was so small, every time you finished a chapter, you set aside an hour or two, until the eyestrain goes away. eReaders change that, according to The Huffington Post. These devices provide you with that bigger text so you won’t have to suffer eyestrain from reading tiny print ever again.
  5. Packup and moving is easier. If you need to move to another apartment, an eReader helps make the packing and moving a whole lot easier. The less boxes of books you take with you, the faster the packup can go. This way, you can use your time to stay on top of other things like ensuring you’ve got everything you need for the move. Also, since an eReader keeps all your books in one place, you won’t have to find yourself rummaging through boxes to find that one book you want to read only to realize you left it behind somewhere.
  6. Be prepared for your temporary relocation. If you’re relocating abroad to get your higher education degree or simply for work, you won’t be there for long. It’ll be troublesome to have all your books shipped over, especially if you’ve got plans to return. With an eReader, you have less to worry about. No need to ask friends to house your books while you’re away or leave the boxes with your parents. In some cases, people even pay for storage space just to be sure their books are in the same condition when they left the books behind. With an eReader, you won’t have to set aside funds for storage just to give your books a temporary home. With an eReader, you can take every single one of your books with you.
  7. Find feature is awesome. In the old days, if you wanted to find a favorite passage in a book, you needed to bookmark the page, highlight the text with a highlighter pen or fold the page to mark your place. With eReaders, while highlighters work, it still takes time for you to scroll through all the highlighted passages just to find the one you want. With a find feature though, you simply type the words you want to see—better if you remember some parts of the passage—and you’ll find those sections highlighted. That makes it incredibly easy to reread your favorites.

Don’t stop here though. Get started on your next reading list and discover more ways eReaders make life fun for you.

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