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Oct 12

9 Tips on How to Save Money on Web Hosting In the UK

Reading Time: 4 mins

Whether you’re managing a corporate UK business, controlling a small ecommerce site or setting up your own personal blog, one thing is for certain, in this ‘always on world’ we live in, you will need a web hosting service. 

Webhosting is the nuts and bolts of any business that needs to be online, allowing access from anywhere in the world. Like any other financial decision, individuals and businesses need to ensure they’re saving money where they can when it comes to finding web hosting  at a decent price, so tune in to our top nine tips to help you keep your cash in the coffers.  


1. Avoid the add-ons 

Browsing web hosting services is a little like perusing the pick n mix sweets: lots to choose from but the more items you put in, the heavier the bag and the bigger the cost. It’s very easy to feel like you need everything on offer, but take your time to consider if you will really use that cloud storage, data transfers or website migration before you ‘proceed to check out’. Check out some of these web hosting companies to see the kind of features you might need.   

It’s also worth taking your time to compare the monthly hosting cost with the annual cost, as often these can be quite different. Most of the time, you can request a downgrade if you’ve already committed to some services but have later realised what you’ve purchased is surplus to requirements. 


2. Keep an eye on offers 

With the amount of sales and marketing messages we receive on a daily basis, it’s easy to become oblivious to new offers and opportunities. However, you could be missing out by not taking a look or performing a quick internet search. Like other service providers, sale periods play a big part in web hosting companies’ sales strategies. So, if it’s coming up to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day or summer sales, make time to actively seek out those deals. Often, there are some very good savings to be made. 


3. Consider a shared hosting plan

Using a shared hosting provider is another option for saving money on web hosting services. It’s especially useful for small businesses that don’t anticipate huge website traffic. Perhaps you are a small retailer who needs to have a simple online presence, if so, shared hosting could save you money and provide a simple setup. The idea behind shared hosting is that your platform and other smaller sites share server space, therefore reducing monthly costs. It’s worth considering though that shared hosting can result in a slow website because those you are sharing with are experiencing high traffic volumes. There are more limitations on what you can install too, for example plug-ins. 


4. Think ‘long-term’  

‘Strike while the iron is hot’ is key advice when it comes to long-term savings on hosting services. As you may know, if and when it’s time for renewing your service, you will be rarely offered a discount. However, if you are a new customer starting for the first time, you are likely to be offered some good deals. Therefore, if you’re considering a three-year deal, then take the offers while you can! The offer will cover the period you have signed up for. This also means if you have signed up for a one-year deal, after 12 months you will have to pay more for the same service. Offers are usually limited to a certain time period, so make sure that fits in with your online business strategy too, because after the first year, prices can hike significantly. 


5. Use promo codes 

We’re all so used to promo codes now that it has become second nature to many of us to check for any available ones before committing to online purchases. The same goes for web hosting coupons and voucher codes, always make time to check if you can save this way. It might just clinch the deal if you’re struggling to decide and it will certainly save you some cash. Take a look here for some here: web hosting coupon codes.  


6. Join an affiliate program

Although it may not have been on your list of to dos, when looking for a web hosting service, if you’re not against making a few extra pounds, then you might want to consider joining an affiliate program. This does mean that you will be promoting the web hosting company too but there are gains to be made if you know others who could sign up using your affiliate link. Find a hosting service that runs the programs. It’s not a quickfire way of making money but it is worth considering if you’re looking to maximise your cost savings. 


7. Use free web hosting 

That’s right, you can get your website or page hosted for free, an obvious means of money-saving. Finding a free web hosting provider can be a great choice for new businesses just starting out and testing the water, however, long-term, they may not be the right fit as the hosting company often includes their own pop-up ads on your site which may not be the image you wish to project to your visitors. 


8. Switch 

So many of us stick to what we know when it comes to any kind of service provider, but seeing what else is out there can be the key to not only finding new benefits but also cost-savings. There’s nothing to stop you from making it an annual task to research other hosting providers and see what new savings and offers are out there. 


9. Haggle 

Sometimes, the good old-fashioned route of haggling works wonders! If you’re with an existing web host provider and are really not happy with the price you are paying, you can simply ask for a discount in exchange for your continued custom for another year or two. Most providers will do everything they can to retain you, so don’t forget you are in a stronger position than you may think. 



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