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Apr 13

Advice for budgeting towards a cruise holiday

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Aside from buying a new car or house, it’s likely that going on holiday will be your largest expense for the year. The amount spent will differ, depending on the type of holiday you have planned, how many people are going and where you are wanting to visit.

Cruise holidays can be an attractive holiday option. They allow you to visit numerous places all in one trip and provide a relaxing environment on-board the ship but can be rather expensive. Still, anyone who ever goes on a cruise swears by them. If you’re considering a cruise holiday there are a range of ways to successfully save towards it.


Pay in Cash

Hands holding dollar bills

Avoid any credit card fees or paying over the odds for a cruise holiday by saving up and paying upfront. It may seem appealing to pay monthly or in parts but this usually means you end up paying more in total. For this reason it is advisable to save up before booking your cruise, so start budgeting and putting a savings plan into practice as soon as you’ve decided a cruise holiday is for you.


Commit to a Weekly Budget

Couple making a budget

Work out how much you will need to save for your cruise holiday and create a weekly budget to ensure you have enough. This could involve cutting the cost of food and drink per week or not going out as much. You will also need to ensure you have enough to cover all the costs, including those when you’re on holiday such as:

  • Transport to and from the port
  • Food and drink
  • Souvenirs
  • Entertainment
  • Emergency funds

Cruises can be all inclusive, so it may only be when you disembark that you need to spend money.


Collect Coupons

Cutting coupons

A great way to cut back everyday costs to put money towards your cruise is to make the most of vouchers and coupons. Search online through sites like Groupon to discover food and drinks voucher for money off or freebies. They are also a good place to find free vouchers for a few gym passes or other entertainment events.


Part-time Work

Decorator painting a room with a ruler

If you’ve got a passion that other people are willing to pay for (such as gardening, DIY or painting) then make some money to go towards your cruise through this. Offer such services online, as advertising will be free, and you’ll be earning extra cash to cover your holiday expenses doing something you enjoy. You can see a whole range of ways to make money using your hobbies and skills here.

All of these tips should help you save up for a luxury cruise holiday in the future.


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