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Apr 07

All the Secrets You Need to Know to Buy Quality Meat

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The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has sent tremors around the world, with people even going to the extent of questioning their meat-diet choices. And it became all the more critical to pick the right meat.

There is nothing in this world like a meal with the most delicious assortment of meat prepared right. The most delicious meat dishes’ key ingredient is having the right kind of meat, which is tender, fresh, and clean. Even the most seasoned gourmet cook cannot dish out a perfect meal without the right kind of meat.

While that might sound like an exaggeration, it is the truth. How would you assess the quality of meat and know that you have the right meat for the meal? Do not worry; we have a few tried and tested tips from expert chefs whose ultimate cheat sheet on buying meat will come to your rescue.


Meat Subscription

If you find it impossible to imagine a meal without meat, this could be the easiest way to procure it. You could sign up for meat delivery service online and have them cut and delivered at your doorstep. There are numerous meat subscription platforms online that let you order meat ala carte or a subscription model. And they have a wide range of offers which includes sausages, bacon, brisket cut, and so on, which are ready to cook! As you buy regularly, you can be sure that the best quality meat is handpicked and delivered to your doorstep.


Avoid Middle Meat

Middle meats are widely popular, and these are sourced from the muscle along the spine to the pelvic muscle. While the meat is expensive, it is tasteless. Besides that, you should also skip the temptation to buy the costly tenderloin because it doesn’t have much of a taste despite its massive price tag. It would be better and more cost-effective if you pick a less expensive but tasty meat portion like the shoulder chops in pork or lamb meat. All you want is a slice of tasty meat, so why pay a fortune for something that requires much more effort to become a delicious meal when you could pick the right one at a lower cost?

If you wonder what makes the middle meat and tenderloin so expensive despite being tasteless, the answer is simple – it takes less time to cook! So, instead of spending a fortune on a slice of meat with no flavor, you should invest in meat that is tasty and less expensive. While it takes a little longer to cook the meat at lower temperatures, it would be worth the effort!


Colour, Texture, and Smell

You can examine the freshness of meat by checking for the colour, texture, and smell. The meat must be firm and not fall apart, and it should have white flecks indicating that it is tender and juicy. Make sure that the meat is dark red and not a light shade of pink or red. This will help you indicate that the meat was cut recently and is still fresh. If you are going for poultry meat, check if it is in blue-white or yellow to make sure it is healthy. You should also check if the meat has any foul odor. The best way to make sure the meat you procure is healthy is to shop locally, and who better than your butcher to deliver meat that matches your palate preferences.


Expiry Date

This might seem like a no-brainer. Yet, a lot of people miss out on seeing the use before date on the meat packages. So, make sure you check for the packed on and use before date every time you pick up meat from the store. This way, you could be sure that the meat you have bought is both fresh and tender. Remember stale meat could cause numerous health risks and can turn fatal at times.

You should also look for the label’s information to assess the meat’s quality, cut, nutrition, and grading information. While grading and quality assessment of the meat is mandatory, organizations have to pay for the label, so if you buy meat with a label on the package with the nutrition information, you can be sure what you are paying for!


Meat Storage

It is important to understand how the meat you get is stored. However, not many people pay attention to this factor, and that leads to numerous health issues. For meat to stay fresh, you must store it at the right temperature. The next time you are shopping for meat, check if the freezer is warmer than usual, or if there is water dripping everywhere – if so, do not buy meat from there. This is because frozen meat stays fresh for longer, and if the freezer is warm, it cannot keep your meat fresh.

If you are shopping at a supermarket, make sure to pick up the meat just before checkout. It will also help if you ask for the poultry and meat to be packed differently from your regular purchases. That way, you could avoid damage during the commute. And if you are ordering online, make sure to choose a service that offers same-day delivery. That way, you know that the meat is not processed or full of preservatives.

Make sure to check for all these elements every time you buy meat, and you can be sure that a tasty and healthy treat will be yours every single time! If you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to ask the store personnel or your butcher how you could pick the perfect meat. We hope these tips were helpful. Do let us know in the comments section!



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