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Apr 09

(Almost) FREE Chocolate Caramel Bars from Tribe

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If you’re looking for a healthy snack bar then look no further. Tribe are giving away packs of 6 FREE* bars for you to try worth £8.95.

*You will still need to pay £2 p&p


How to claim

Just follow the link below to sign up. Its not 100% free as you do pay £2 to sign up for the postage but its still a big saving!

Sign Up Now

Warning: You will be signed up to a subscription which you can cancel any time so don’t forget to cancel it if you don’t want them to take more money from you!


This competition/freebie is from a third party that has no association with MoneyMagpie. We cannot be held responsible for any issues you have with this giveaway. If you have any problems please contact Tribe.

Please note: this freebie was available at the time that this post was written but there is no guarantee of its continued availability beyond this date.


About Tribe

When it comes to eating well nothing is more nutritionally dense than whole natural sources of food. By sticking to eating foods in their least processed, refined or adulterated forms you can be consciously aware of taking in the best sources of nutrition available and avoiding any unnecessary chemical or sugary additives.

Leading nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik has overseen the development of the Tribe range.

Here, she discusses the key benefits of Tribe nutrition and what athletes should be eating to reach their potential.

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